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wrapping paper fundraisers

Wrapping Paper Fundraisers

If you are planning any wrapping paper fundraisers then you have come to a company that can help you raise the money you need.  https://fundraisingzone.com offers elementary schools, PTO, PTA – PTSA leaders, cheerleader squads, booster club leaders, sports teams, school bands and other school groups a top-rated wrapping paper fund raiser brochure – its sure to make an impact.

What are the benefits of running a wrapping paper fundraiser?

Our gift wrap brochure offers up to 25 varieties of paper. As you can imagine, because of this there is something for everyone you plan on soliciting orders from. Fundraising for school trips, travel expenses, sponsored events, sports teams, benefits, school dances, etc. takes a lot of effort. But how do we know? We understand, because we have done them too.

If you are looking for new ideas and/or time-tested ones, then please review one of our brochure programs. One of the best parts of it is that it is totally risk-free, as you only pay for what you sell.

Certainly, you can see how this will benefit your school, can’t you?

So, instead of having to buy gift wrap in advance, and hope to sell it later… you only pay for what you sell. Pretty good idea, huh?

Please click here to request a free fundraising kit today. Review our current fundraising shopper brochures…now!

Wrapping Paper Money Maker – We Provide Plenty

Our line of fundraising catalogs also include a variety of products such as cookie dough, pies, cheesecakes, gift wrap, household items, and hundreds of others.

Additionally, we take pride in developing relationships with our clients and we manage every aspect of their fundraiser. Our gift wrap service package for brochure fundraising customers works very well because we stand behind our products 100%.

Cookie dough and wrapping paper fundraiser

You can have your cookies and eat them too with Fundraisingzone.com. By combining a cookie dough and gift wrap  your school or non-profit makes DOUBLE the money. You can schedule your cookie dough fundraiser for the spring and your gift wrap fundraiser for the winter season.

We stand behind both products 100%. This means you can feel confident selling them to your friends and family Furthermore, our cookie dough fundraisers start at only $12 for a 2 lb cookie dough tub. Call to learn more.

Holiday catalog fundraisers

Why settle for a gift wrap fundraiser when you can get the whole holiday fundraising catalog? We say that because here at https://fundraisingzone.com your customers get to choose from gift wrap, ribbons, bows and fundraising gifts for the entire family. They are conveniently found in either of our wrapping paper fundraiser catalogs.

Top Wrapping Paper Companies

There are plenty of good wrapping paper fundraising companies to choose from. However, please understand that some of them may require that you buy your gift wrap up front. Some don’t take any returns either.

– Sally Foster gift wrap fundraiser 
– Charleston wrap fundraiser.
– Innisbrook gift wrap fundraiser.
– Genevieve gift wrap fundraiser.
– Great American wrapping paper.
– Barnes and Noble gift wrap fundraiser.
– Fundraising Zone gift wrap fundraiser.

Tracy Hamilton the company behind Fundraising Zone, has been providing customer service for over 50 years. That is a long time. Furthermore, we understand that schools want a risk-free fundraiser for their school. So, we promise to never ask for a penny upfront to participate in our fundraising program. All you have to do is pay us AFTER you get paid. You have our guaranty!

Sound fair enough?

So, why give https://fundraisingzone.com a chance for your next holiday fundraiser? Here are just a few more reasons why…

Gift wrap fundraisers for schools

We have the perfect wrapping paper fundraising programs for schools here at Fundraisingzone.com. Well, that is what our customers tell us anyway. We must be doing something right because our loyal fans return year after year to run our gift wrap fundraisers for school. These are perfect for your PTA, booster club or school sports team.

Parents, teachers and coaches all agree that we mean what we say when we promise we will help you to succeed. After 50 years in this business we certainly understand what schools are looking for. So, please read for yourself what our happy customers say about us in these testimonials..

FREE gift wrap fundraiser flyer

As an another value added free service, we will help you design a gift wrapping fundraising flyer for your school. This way your students can take their wrapping paper fundraising flier home to mom and dad. We will also customize it for your school, sports team or non-profit group. This way you can get all of the parents to support your next school fundraiser.

In conclusion, we have been in business for over 50 years and we’ll be here to assist you. If you would like to discuss your fund raising agenda or if you have questions, then please contact us directly at 800.645.6550.

Finally, we have worked with hundreds of schools and sponsors and we’d like to help assist you with your upcoming gift wrapping paper fundraisers.

Call us Toll-free: 800.645.6550

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