Booster Clubs Raise Money With Our Winter Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Winter Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Booster Clubs Raise Money With Our Winter Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Attention parents and teachers of high school booster clubs! Did you hear about our easy winter gift wrap fundraisers yet?

If your school booster is looking to raise money, then you owe it to yourself to check out our winter wrapping paper fundraisers for school sports teams.

You might be wondering if this will work for your booster club?

Yes, it will because we help all kinds of boosters from cheer and dance, to any kind of school sports teams like baseball and football.

Gift wrap makes the perfect winter fundraiser for your customer.

Can you think of a better wintertime fundraiser than wrapping paper?

Friends and family are thinking about buying and giving gifts. However, it is amazing how many people forget to buy the wrapping paper! Your school gift wrap fundraising events can save the day.

Our wintertime fundraiser catalog offers plenty of beautiful patterns and themes to choose from like for instance the popular “Peace On Earth” design. Your customers will also enjoy the simple gift ideas for those people on your list that are hard to shop for.

Wrapping paper makes the perfect winter fundraiser for booster clubs too!

First of all, your booster pays nothing to join our school fundraising program. This risk free event requires absolutely no up front costs!

How does it work then?

You are going to like this…

First, we send you the free catalogs. Next, your customers order and pay for the wrapping paper they like. Finally, you send us payment for the fundraising merchandise, and you get to keep the difference.

You can’t get simpler than that!

How much can your booster club earn selling gift wrap?

Your school team gets paid a commission on each sale. So, that means the sky is the limit on how much you can earn.

By the way, school boosters can make up to 52% on each sale. This makes this winter gift wrap fundraiser a very profitable one!

Finally, why not schedule a free coaching call to see how we can help your booster earn the most money this holiday season? We will even design a gift wrap fundraiser flier for you!