Details about Sally Foster Gift Wrapping Paper


Details about Sally Foster Gift Wrapping Paper Fundraising

Sally Foster, LLC was loved by schools all over the USA for its Sally Foster gift wrap fundraising. It was also known for its, gourmet treats, and gifts for the holidays. The Sally Foster catalog featured high quality premium wrapping paper for every occasion. It also featured plenty of ribbons, bows cards and gift boxes for the many boxes of chocolate & cookie dough they offered. Schools & non profits received up to 50 percent of the profits made from all of the product sold.

You can certainly see why this wrapping paper fundraisers were so popular!

The school fundraising company was founded in 1972 and was based in Duncan, South Carolina. Before it was closed down, it was part of Entertainment Publications, Inc.

That means that the Sally Foster Gift wrap fundraiser has not been available since 2013.

In fact, the last known address for Sally Foster LLC was:

285 Parkway East
Duncan, SC 29334-9489
United States

People loved the Sally Foster Gift Wrap Fundraising Program

At its peak, in over 8,000 schools across the country, students were selling selling gift wrap with over 3 million Sally Foster catalogs a year.

PTA’s love gift wrap fundraisers like this because it was a product that they could be proud of to share with friends, family and neighbors. After all, people need good quality gift wrapping paper & schools need the help raising money, right?

Sally Foster did such a good job selling high quality gift wrap that four years later AFTER its closure, parents are still searching for it online.

For example, one search engine tells us that every month, hundreds of people are STILL searching on-line for:

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What a testimony to the reputation of this woman, that changed the face of school fundraising as we know it!

Where can you purchase Sally Foster wrapping paper today?

If you are looking for original Sally Foster wrapping paper, your best bet is checking on Ebay. Someone might have a roll or two for sale that they never opened.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fundraiser with wrapping paper like Sally Foster, then we would love to talk with you and show you what we have to offer your school. Because we have a simple and profitable alternative to share with you.

A simple & easy gift wrap fundraiser for schools

In conclusion, are you looking for the best gift wrap fundraising company near you? has been helping schools and non profits with gift wrap fundraising and cookie dough fundraisers for over 50 years. Our experienced staff will show you how our beautifully designed gift wrap catalogs will delight your customers while helping your school earn money.

Your customers will enjoy the beautiful reversible premium wrapping paper designs for Christmas, Hanukkah & every day gift giving. They will also enjoy the practical gift selections, including cookie dough & delicious chocolate candy selections.

Finally, your school will love the free shipping, prize program & the chance to earn up to 55% on each order.

Why not call 1-800-645-6550 to start raising money with gift wrapping paper fundraising now? We hope to show you how we are are the next best thing to the Sally Foster Gift Wrap program 🙂

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