Gift Wrap Fundraising Ideas – 100% Risk Free


Gift Wrap Fundraising Ideas and Information

Gift wrapping paper fundraisers provide profits from 40% to 52% for your organization or school and many free services we think you’d appreciate. In addition this year we offer Free Online Ordering – which generates additional sales for your school or group…! And, if you have questions about our online ordering system then simply give us a call. We offer a profitable variety of risk free brochure / catalog choices for your school group, church and booster club. And keep in mind you can also ask us for additional information and we’ll send it out to you.  If you are looking for gift wrap fundraising ideas, we have the answers.

How does a gift wrap fundraising program work?

Gift wrap brochure fundraising is easy to run. The process is fairly simple. You would sign up to run the program, we ship you the brochures along with a free parent letter and collection envelope. Your school or group shows the wrapping paper fundraising brochures to family, friends and associates and you collect the money at the time of the fundraiser. You would then send the orders into us and we would invoice your group. At that time you would submit payment and then we would send you the merchandise. The profit is yours..!

We may have oversimplified the process a bit (above), but it is fairly simple. And if you run into any snags we will assist you.

What types of groups do we provide gift wrap fundraisers for?

We provide elementary schools, high school groups, PTA / PTO leaders, booster clubs, sports teams, cheerleading squads, gymnastics groups, debate teams, bands and other school groups a top-rated gift wrap paper fundraiser brochure. Our gift wrap brochure offers up to 25 varieties of paper in all sizes.

Fundraising for school trips, travel expenses, sponsored events, sports teams, benefits, school dances, etc. takes a lot of effort and we understand that-we have done them too. If you are looking for new ideas and or time-tested ones then please review one of our brochure programs. One of the best parts of it is that it is totally risk free. If you are looking for a gift wrap fundraiser then a free fundraising kit might be the right decision for you and your group.