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Wrapping Paper Workshop 101 for Fundraising

There was once a time early in the wrap game where people had to do more with less. In 1917, wrapping paper as we know it was invented on a fluke when Hallmark ran out of the flimsy tissue paper everyone had been using to wrap gifts up until that point. They quickly scrambled to figure out a solution. They decided to use large sheets of regular printed paper and those flew off the department store shelves. People demanded more of the new style, so Hallmark started printing festive wintry scenes on their paper sheets.  That has led us to: The wrapping paper workshop. This is a wonderful added bonus for your wrapping paper fundraisers customer.

Wrapping Paper Fundraising 101

It’s a mystery, with so many bad wrappers nowadays, how the gift wrap industry generates $2.9 billion dollars a year. Most of us don’t know how to wrap presents without feeling ashamed at the end of the whole process. The gift inside could be everything the receiver ever wanted and the paper might even have the most beautiful print ever made. But with a shoddy wrap job, we feel like the present has lost its true value. Hosting a wrap workshop that shows people how to wrap odd-shaped and circular presents, and even how to tie the perfect bow is the perfect Christmas gift in and of itself.

Make the gift wrap workshop free for all customers that buy from your wrapping paper fundraising catalog.

Boots, Footballs, and Bears, Oh My!

So, lets imagine you bought your husband these custom full quill ostrich skin cowboy boots and a felt wide-brim hat to match. There’s no way on the green earth you’re going to hand these boots over without being presented the way a pair of Lucchese deserve to be presented. Here’s how to create a gift pocket for those boots to slide right into.


  1. Take your gift wrap and place the boots flat on it. Cut the paper based on that measurement.
  2. Put the boots to the side for now. Fold either side of the paper to the middle, letting those folded sides overlap.
  3. Once it’s folded, tape it up the center.
  4. Create a flat base from this point by folding the bottom up, keeping in mind the width of the boots standing upright side by side. Be sure to leave enough slack for them to fit.
  5. Open up the base and do an origami fold to the center, turning it into a square.
  6. Take the top and bottom corners and fold them to the center, then tape them together. Tape all the lines to secure the base you’ve created.
  7. Open up the package you’ve just created, and voila! You have created a pocket to insert your boots into.


This same technique can be applied to dolls, handbags, and toy trucks. There’s some stress involved in wrapping odd packages, so people either throw a bow on them, put them in a gift bag, or wrap it in gift wrap with frustration and hopelessness written all over it. You don’t have to be that person this Christmas.

Wrapping Cylinders

This is another tricky one that doesn’t get much credit for being as easy as it is when you know how to do it. Circular presents like cookie tins don’t require much- just a special crease pattern that makes the package look beautifully presentable.

  1. Put your circular gift in the middle of the paper to measure the paper correctly where it wraps around the package. Cut to size.
  2. The most important measurements are at both bases of the cylinder. Make sure the paper on both sides measure to the center of the base. Cut off any excess.
  3. Go back to the circular part of the cylinder. Stick double sided tape at one end of the wrapping paper and pull the sides together and secure it. The only thing left to do is crease the paper at the bases.
  4. Fold the paper at the base until it meets in the middle. Release the fold, and then crease the paper all the way around, spacing each one about half an inch apart. Secure the creases with tape once the entire base is completely creased.

Can you see how offering this free workshop would add massive value to your customers? This will make this a memorable event they will want to support next year too!

How does a gift wrap fundraising program work?

Gift wrap brochure fundraising is easy to run. The process is fairly simple. You would sign up to run the program, we ship you the brochures along with a FREE gift wrapping fundraiser flyer to send home to the parents. You also get collection envelopes too. Your school or group shows the brochures to family, friends and associates and you collect the money at the time of the fundraiser. You would then send the orders into us and we would invoice your group. At that time you would submit payment and then we would send you the merchandise. The profit is yours..!

We may have oversimplified the process a bit (above), but it is fairly simple. And if you run into any snags we will assist you.

What types of groups do we provide gift wrap fundraisers for?

We provide elementary schools, high school groups, PTA / PTO leaders, booster clubs, sports teams, cheerleader squads, gymnastics groups, debate teams, bands and other school groups a top-rated gift wrap paper fundraiser brochure. Our gift wrap brochure offers up to 25 varieties of paper in all sizes.

Fundraising for school trips, travel expenses, sponsored events, sports teams, benefits, school dances, etc. takes a lot of effort and we understand that-we have done them too. If you are looking for new ideas and or time-tested ones then please review one of our brochure programs. One of the best parts of it is that it is totally risk free. If you are looking for a gift wrap fundraiser then a free fundraising kit might be the right decision for you and your group.

In conclusion, people get really fancy with gift wrapping, turning presents into works of art with shirt folds, kimonos, and even chocolate dipped strawberries. A good rule of thumb for gift wrapping novices, though, is the more patterned the paper, the less visible the flaws. An addition to your gift wrap party to consider is wrapping gifts at no charge for the gift wrap fundraiser participants. Get into the holiday spirit this Christmas by showing people how to give in style. We hope you found these wrapping paper workshop ideas helpful to you.

Finally, bringing gift wrap fundraising into the 21st. century is easy by using our “wrapping paper” fundraising brochure.  If you have questions about raising money please give us a call at 800.645.6550. This is because we have easy answers for you to start using immediately.