Winter Gift Wrap Fundraising Tips For Your School Club

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Winter Gift Wrap Fundraising Tips For Your School Club

Could this wrapping paper fundraiser help your school club?

Who else is looking for winter gift wrap fundraising ideas? This holiday season your friends and family will be buying gift wrap, won’t they?

So, why not tell them about your gift wrapping paper fundraiser? They get beautifully designed premium gift wrap while helping your school club at the same time.  It is truly a win-win for your customers as well as your school club.

We have helped all kinds of high school clubs raise money with this winter fundraising catalog, from art clubs to drama clubs and everything in between.

Winter Gift wrap fundraising tips for your high school club

Let’s say you have a drama club looking to raise money to build and decorate background sets for your next school play.

Here is a good road map to follow:

  • First of all, how many students are in your drama club? Make sure everyone is on board so that this event will be successful.
  • Next, have each student make 2 lists. A list of customers and a list of helpers. Helpers are people who help you sell gift wrap. These are the people that support you in your dreams, like moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and older siblings. Simply give them a gift wrap catalog they can bring to work. They can show people the amazing products while telling them how this will support the wonderful play you are working on. You might be able to build a list of people to buy play tickets later on at the same time.
  • In addition, you need to set a fundraising date to start and a date to end.
  • Use Youtube, Instagram and Facebook videos to get the message out on social media. Show photos of yourself and your happy customers that are supporting your school club. You must tell everyone about your winter gift wrap fundraising event.

Some final suggestions to help your clubs raise the most money.

Just a few more tips for your students to try:

  • Furthermore, it is vital to set a goal that you are working towards. Remember, you will ALWAYS sell more when you set a goal your students can get excited about. Break that number down with a goal that each student can reach for.
  • Have regular meetings to pump one another up. Ask those that are having tremendous success to share what has worked with the other students.
  • Make it a friendly competition to see who sells the most. Award a prize and recognize the winner in front of the other students. This can certainly motivate some of your high achievers to action.
  • Finally, set aside some of your earnings for a pizza party to thank everyone for their hard work.

In conclusion, there is so much more to share with you.

First, you can learn more about the Winter gift wrap fundraising program using the Wonderland brochure here.

Next, why not schedule a free coaching call to ensure your school club earns the most money possible with our winter gift wrap program?