Cheerleader Gift Wrap Fundraising Ideas

gift wrap fundraising prices

Ideas For Gift Wrapping Fundraiser Prices For Your Cheer Team

Is your cheer squad looking to set up a gift wrap station at your school? That is a great service to add to your current gift wrap fundraising event. A present wrapping station is a great cheer fundraiser ideaBut how much do you charge and how much can you make? Here are some tips to help you set your gift wrapping fundraiser prices.

How to set your gift wrapping fundraiser prices.

There is a lot to think about when setting your gift wrapping service pricing structure. Charge too much and no one will pay you. Charge too little and you won’t make a profit.

Why set it up at your school or church?

  • First of all, because many of them bought it from you during your gift wrap fundraising program.
  • Next, you can have the customer come to you after all their shopping is done, and they are ready for their gifts to be wrapped.
  • In addition, it will save you money on gas.
  • This will also save you travel time.
  • Your students will be safe instead of going into people’s homes they may not know.
  • Your customers are reminded how their donation is helping a good cause.
  • Finally, you can post the location, day and hours on social media and on your gift wrapping fundraiser flyer.

1- Who provides the wrapping paper?

This is the most expensive part of your gift wrap service. So you might choose to work only with people you sell gift wrap to. This way you can encourage them to bring their own wrapping paper. Otherwise you will need to buy gift wrap, bows and ribbons in bulk which can get expensive rather quickly. The number one complaint from people who have done this in the past is that the supplies ate up most of their profits.

2- Make sure your volunteers can wrap.

You might be wondering…

What does this have to do with gift wrapping fundraiser prices? Absolutely everything! No one is going to pay you money or refer you if you do a poor job wrapping their presents.

3- Charge a flat fee for each box

The donation you ask for is up to you.

However here is an idea of what you can charge for your labor if they are bringing the paper.

  • Small boxes – $1.00
  • Medium boxes – $2.00
  • Large boxes – $3.00

Or you can set a flat fee schedule.

  • $10 for up to 5 gifts.
  • $20 for up to 10 gifts.

Of course you would have to increase those prices if you are supplying the paper.

BONUS TIP: Run by the dollar store and pick up a bag of bows for a buck. You can then offer them as an up-sell. For example, your students could say, “Do you want a bow on that? They are ONLY 50 cents each. This can be a very profitable question to ask!

We hope these tips on setting your gift wrapping service prices will be helpful to you.