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Marching Band Fundraisers

When school budgets are cut the music program usually suffers a heavy blow. The marching band, for example, is a huge enterprise. Its personnel count typically outnumbers the personnel for any other single school activity including varsity football. Therefore, reducing the size or altogether eliminating the marching band goes a long way toward easing a school’s fiscal problems. However, it also goes a long way toward reducing or altogether eliminating school spirit. After all, what’s a football game or parade without the local marching band?  That is so  true – you need to find marching band fundraising ideas that are profitable.

Marching band fundraising ideas – How do they Work.

A well-thought out and well-planned fundraiser can cover the gap between what the band really needs and what’s accounted for in the school budget. Marching band uniforms have to be repaired or replaced. And instruments have to be purchased and kept in good working order. True, most of the instruments are owned by the students—instruments such as trombones and clarinets—however, the large instruments such as the marching tuba and bass drum are often the property of the school and therefore a school expense item.

Transporting a marching band and all its instruments to away games, tournaments and parades can be a logistical nightmare involving multiple buses. Those buses must have qualified drivers, proper insurance and plenty of gas. There’s also the legal fee for the use of any music and arrangements that are not in the public domain.

How can our brochure fundraisers help you reach your goals? offers brochure fundraising which is exactly as simple as it sounds. Students share colorful brochures of our snacks with everyone they know. They take the orders and then send the orders to us. It doesn’t matter whether the student feels that he’s a salesperson or not. The brochures do the selling. And what about the financial risk of a fundraiser? Well, we require no upfront payments so the brochure fundraiser is completely risk-free. Consider just three of our fundraisers:

Ideas for your marching band fundraisers:

  1. One of our more popular fundraisers is our $10 Cookie Dough Fundraiser. How many people do you think will be able to look at picture after picture of cookies without ordering some? Do you see what we mean by letting the brochures themselves do the selling? Our $10 Cookie Dough Fundraiser is a great way to satisfy chocolate lovers with such flavors as:
    • Chunky chocolate chip
    • White chocolate macadamia
    • Triple chocolate

    But there’s also:

    • Peanut butter
    • Oatmeal raisin
    • Sugar cookies
    • Snickerdoodle
  2. Our Simply Spring Gift Catalog Fundraiser is an excellent choice if you expect that most of your donors to your marching band fundraiser will be adults. Sure, Our Simply Spring Gift Catalogue has lots of delicious snacks for everyone such as dark chocolate sea salt caramels, but it also includes various clever and attractive items especially for the homemaker such as:
    • Bulbs for the flower garden
    • Hanging tomato planter kit
    • Plastic kitchen storage containers
    • Grate and slice set
    • Hamburger press

How does stand out as the best marching band fundraising ideas company?

You’ll may only get one big opportunity per school year to orchestra a big fundraiser for your marching band. Don’t want to take a wild chance on a fundraising idea that may not work. You want something tried-and-true. You also want the company behind the fundraiser to be highly experienced and knowledgeable.

How would you like to have over 50 years of experience on your side? That’s what you get when you choose, and we are here to help.  Plus, we will coach you along throughout the process to make sure that you’re implementing the very best strategies possible to raise money easily for your school marching band.

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