Companies that donate to marching bands and school band

comapnies that donate to marching bands

School band need money. In this article we will discuss some local companies that donate to school marching bands. Many Businesses in your community will be glad to make a donation to your school band. It all depends on how are you position yourself. The best way to get donations is to either sell products or offer services that companies are willing to give a donation. By the way, be sure to check out our best band fundraisers and marching band sponsor ideas too.

Clean bleachers at your local stadium

Do you have a professional or semi pro stadium in your community? Some marching bands have volunteered to clean the stadium bleachers after a game in exchange for a donation. And imagine as you can imagine the bleachers can get pretty dirty with all of those empty soda cups and peanut bags. Stadium management have to pay someone to clean this. This present an opportunity for your school band. Simply contact the management team and tell them you are raising funds for your marching band. Offer to clean the stadium teachers in exchange for a donation to your band.

Why is it effective? This is a valuable service to the stadium facility management.  They will have to pay somebody to do it anyway. Your offer gets the dirty work done while saving the money. Furthermore it gives them an opportunity to support a good course.

Think outside the box a bit. What needed service could your band provide to a business?

Matching donations

What kind of companies might be interested in matching donations your band is able to solicit? All the businesses know already.

  • Which local businesses do you pay money to? Think about mom and pop stores, shops and restaurants. Furthermore think about the CPA that files your taxes. Talk to them about your need to raise money for band. Ask them if they would like to help.
  • All of the moms and dads of the band members can talk to their managers and owners at work. They can discuss how this would be good publicity for the company to donate.
  • Reach out to former band alumni to do talk to their employers.
  • Talk to the parents of the band booster club. Some of them have their own business and might be interested in helping your cause.

Use the IRS $25 business gift write off allowance

Did you know the IRS allows businesses to write up to $25 off for each business gift given to their customers?  Of course each business would have to talk to their own tax advisor to see if this applied to them personally. But this is how it works. At the end of the year many companies will send a gift thanking their loyal customers for their business. What if you sold gifts they could give to their clients?

How could you use this information? Many of our fundraising catalogs are perfect for the holiday season. Imagine a business gifting 20 tubs of gourmet cookie dough to the customers. Or imagine a business giving a gift of wrapping paper and bows to their clients for the holiday season. 

Can you see the opportunity here?

You can sell one tub of cookie dough to a family in your community. Or you can sell 20 tubs by teaming up with an accountant or a janitorial company. This is a great way to multiply your fundraising effectiveness. So talk to a fundraising expert to learn how easy it is to get started with our brochures.