Easy Marching Band Fundraiser Ideas

easy marching band fundraiser ideas

Looking for easy marching band fundraiser ideas?

It’s not easy running a marching band fundraiser. It takes a lot of time, energy and patience too. Furthermore, it can be very frustrating trying to pick the right one for your high school marching band.

We understand how you feel and we would like to help. In fact, we have many easy marching band fundraiser ideas to share with you.

But first…

What makes a high school marching band fundraiser idea easy?

Most people like the idea of an easy fundraiser don’t they? Your marching band booster club is no different.

So, here are a few of the questions people ask to see if our marching band fundraising ideas passed the easy test:

  1. Is it easy enough for our marching band members to do?
  2. Will it take a lot of time for our band booster club parents to manage?
  3. Are the instructions easy to follow?
  4. Are the products easy to sell?
  5. Is it expensive to get started?

Let’s take these questions one at a time.

1- Is it easy for our marching band members to do?

Booster club parents love the fact that our fundraising program has five easy steps to follow. If your band members are willing to follow the five easy steps in this checklist your fundraiser will be success.

2- Will it take a lot of time for our band booster club parents to manage?

Each brochure has an order form on it. Every student needs to collect payment upfront for all orders taken. On the final day of your fundraising event, simply tally up all the orders. Send your master order in to us along with your payment. We will handle the rest.

Your orders will ship as soon as possible. Simply arrange a day for all the students to pick up their fundraising items to distribute to their customers.

3- Are the instructions easy to follow?

Yes! You have our promise.

First, we will help you select the perfect fundraising brochure for your school band. When your brochures arrive, simply send them home with each student, along with a parent letter. Each student shows the brochure to their friends and family and tells them how their support will help their marching band.

We also provide free coaching to make sure your band fundraiser is a success. It is the free coaching that makes our easy marching band fundraiser ideas – EASY.

4- Are the products easy to sell?

Let me ask you a question.

Do you know people that love to drink coffee? Is there anyone you know that buys cookie dough to bake cookies? Do you know anyone that likes to eat popcorn or trail mix? Is there anyone in your family that buys wrapping paper during the holiday season?

If you answered affirmatively to any of these questions, then you will find our products easy to sell.

5- Is it expensive to get started?

Not at all. All of our fundraising campaigns are 100% free for your school to get started. We provide everything that you need for free. All you need to do is to supply the customers.

More easy marching band fundraiser ideas for your school :

Here are a few more ideas for fundraising.

The amount of money you earn is up to how hard you are willing to work. These youth fundraisers have been proven to work.

  • Put on a local parade with your color guards. Ask all of the local restaurants, businesses and vendors if they would be willing to support it. You could also charge a set fee for every business to join.
  • Battle of the bands. You could challenge another school to a battle of the bands. Furthermore, you could open concession stands and sell refreshments and snacks. Additionally, you could also charge a small entry fee or ask for a donation.
  • Free concerts. You could do this during the holiday season and sell snacks and refreshments to raise money for your school.
  • Fill a marching band leaders hat up with mini Snickers bars. You could also charge a dollar for people to guess how many fit in there. The winner takes all the chocolate, while you get to keep all the money.
  • Looking for more easy marching band fundraiser ideas for schools to raise money? You can also ask a popular local business to discount their service. You can print up discount cards and use this card fundraising idea to raise money for your school. Simply charge one or two dollars per card.

You might be wondering right now…

This sounds good but how do I know it will work for our school band?

We have worked with school orchestras in high school marching bands across the country for over five decades. We promise to take your success personally. This means we will hold your hand and walk you through each step of the process to ensure this is a profitable school fundraiser for you.

In addition, why not read some of these successful stories of schools just like yours?

In conclusion, we hope you found these easy marching band fundraiser ideas helpful. As a complementary service, we offer a free coaching call. Let’s find out a little about each other to see if it makes sense for us to work together. No pressure, no strings attached. We are simply going to try to understand how we can help one another.

We look forward to your call to discuss these youth group fundraising ideas.