Marching Band Sponsorship Letter Template For Sponsors

marching band sponsorship letter

Who else is searching for a marching band sponsorship letter template?


We hope our template becomes useful to your high school band members. Today, sponsorship is a crucial component of a school fundraiser for marching bands. When used in conjunction with regular product fundraisers like the ones we offer, they have a huge impact.


So, how do you draft a successful sponsorship letter? How do you write a letter that would move someone to take out their check book and write you a donation?


First of all you must have a good list of businesses to write to. Here are some Marching Band Sponsor Ideas.

Small business owners are deluged with advertisements, sales people and daily requests for money. As a result they are leery of talking to anyone… let alone giving them some of their hard earned money.


So, before you go copying and pasting a band sponsor letter from the internet… This is something you owe to yourself to read first.  

The sure way to failure is to talk about your band and your needs

Unfortunately, the cold hard truth is that no one cares about your band needing to raise funds. I know that hurts to hear but it is the ugly truth of the matter.


So what are you supposed to do then?


The answer is to talk about how you can help their business.


Lets look at a sample letter together. Please notice how it talks about how you can help their business— Instead of them helping you.

Our marching band sponsor letter sample

Please keep in mind that this school band contribution letter template is simply a starting point. So go ahead and personalize your sponsor letter as much as you want. Make sure to include a sponsor form at the bottom of the page as well.


You’ll also notice that we’ve added some italicized notes to this march band sponsor letter to explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.


Finally, make sure your band teacher and booster club members approve any sponsorship and fundraising ideas.

“How can our Marching Band help your business?”

(This is your BIG BOLD headline, by the way. It’s a promotional piece for your high school marching band letter. If we want the business owner to read your letter, we must capture their attention! It’s worth noting that it includes a guarantee of a benefit for them. This is also a fantastic spot to display a photo of your band members in full uniform.)

Dear (Find out who they are and put their name here.)


We were simply thinking about you the other day.


And we were serious about it too.


We understand that you, like our band members, attended __________ High School (or Middle School).


So, naturally, we were interested in seeing how we might be able to assist each other.

In fact, we’d like to hear your thoughts on a business idea.

We felt we owed it to you, as an Alma Mater of ____________, to approach you first, BEFORE we approached the other __________________ (Business types such as doctors, accountants or home remodeling contractors, for example.) in ________ . (Insert the name of your city.)


Our marching band members have just won the ____________ and are on their way to the next stage of competitive band competition in . (Insert your reason for raising funds here. For instance, you can mention raising funds for new instruments, uniforms, a band camp  to enhance their talents or if you were hosting a charity benefit.)

So how can a school marching band help your business?

Our football games attract thousands of fans each year. Isn’t that a lot of prospective clients for you?


All of these families live close and around your business and may use the services of a ____________________ at any time during the year. (Insert the nature of their business here.)


Consider how _________ (Number of people) of your local neighbors will see YOUR name at every football game and on our website.


We’d be delighted to suggest them to you.


We could even conduct an interview with you and your company. Consider a video of you being interviewed by band members. You can explain what you do and how you can assist others. This interview will also be featured on our Facebook page and website.

What can you do to assist?

The majority of local companies sponsor our marching band in one of three ways.

  1. A one-time payment that includes your name and a link to your website on our sponsorship page.
  2. A sponsorship advertising campaign that exposes your brand to thousands of individuals.
  3. You can donate a product or a service that we can give away in a raffle. This will bring in new clients to your company.

Please keep in mind that your contributions are all tax deductible.

You might be wondering… “EGAD, How much will this set me back?”

That is the best part.


We have four basic programs to choose from that are inexpensive for every business owner in . (Insert the name of your city.)


The following choices are available as part of our sponsorship program:


  • Platinum:
  • Gold:
  • Silver:
  • Bronze:
Final suggestions for your Bands sponsorship and gift letter

These tried-and-true methods can ensure that your letters get opened and read rather being tossed in the trash.

  • Because we don’t want our mail to be confused with junk mail, we handwrite all envelopes.
  • Real stamps should be used.
  • Include a form for submitting a request.
  • If possible, use an odd-sized color envelope.
  • Personalize the sample letter for the band members at your school.
  • So make sure to include a free phone consultation invitation so they can figure out which choice is best for them.
  • By the way, this letter can also be sent as an email attachment.

Finally, we are committed to assisting you in raising funds for your school band.


We hope that this sample sponsor letter for marching band will assist your members in covering their instrument, unform, specialized training and travel expenditures. We also have fantastic cheer fundraising programs that don’t cost you anything up front.


Call 1-800-645-6550 if you’d like a free cheer fundraiser consultation as well.