Best Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Best Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising for Mission Trips that are Successful 

If you are searching for a mission trip fundraising website then you have come to the right place. Mission trips are popular all over the country as many people tend to go on them while in college as part of service organizations. They are also popular in churches and other service groups for people of all ages. Mission trips visit places all across the globe, helping others learn new languages, build homes, help animals, save the rain forest and more. Mission trips are not free, which is why those who attend need to raise money. So, it makes sense that you want the best mission trip fundraising ideas

So, what are the most profitable mission trip fundraising ideas out there today?

We have the best easy mission trip fundraisers in the industry. Whether you are a Christian youth group, LDS, or any other denomination, these ideas can be helpful to raise money for your church group.

We Offer Risk Free Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

You can either raise money the hard way or the easy way. One of the easiest, if not the most profitable way to raise funds for your mission trip is through our brochures because of our turn key proven system. Brochures are an excellent way to showcase your mission using graphics, pictures, colors and plenty of content. You want to provide possible donors with as much information as possible about your trip in order to convince them to donate.

There are quite a few different options you can go with when choosing a supplier for your mission trip. If you have plenty of pictures from your previous trip, why not create a catalog and show prospective donors? If this is your first, consider creating a one-page mission trip fundraising flier because you will be delighted in how much it makes church school fundraising easier. Our brochure fundraising ideas work for all causes.

Take up a Collection at Church

Here is another fundraising idea for your mission trip if it is through your local church…

Consider taking up a collection after each mass or service for a couple of months. Ask the pastor or celebrant to make an announcement towards the end of each service that members of the parish are collecting money to raise funds for their mission trip. Members of the church will likely donate to your trip because they see it is going towards a good cause. You will also be pleasantly be surprised to find that many of your neighbors may be willing to donate also. In addition, tell them that you will be grateful for any donation amounts they are willing to contribute. Finally, remember that you get to keep 100% of the money for your mission when you collect donations.

In addition, get your committee to write up a mission trip fundraising letter to send out to local businesses in your community.

Our best mission trip fundraiser ideas to try at your school church for offsetting travel expenses.

Raise money with custom church fundraising campaigns like:

  • Silent auctions & raffles. Contact local businesses in your community and tell them about your desire to make a difference in the world. Explain to them how they can help you to change the lives of young people in their neighborhood. Ask them if they would be willing to donate services or products that you can use in your charity auction event. Don’t be surprised to find out there are many local companies that donate to mission trips in your area. This is a very popular fundraising idea because you also have many potential supporters that want to win a prize. Such auction donations can truly add up quickly as you will soon see.
  • Recycle Ink Cartridges and sell ink cartridges. Did you know that stores like Staples give you $2 back for every ink cartridge you recycle? You can also sell ink cartridges and earn a profit on each one.
  • Car wash: Your church youth can advertise a car wash with signs and fliers. You can even wash them in the church parking lot! This is a great way to advertise your church and earn money for your mission trip expenses.
  • Garage sale / Lawn sale: Imagine if everyone at your church donated something to your mission trip yard sale. All proceeds can go towards your funding your trip. This event is free and can raise a lot of money on a Saturday morning. Now, all you have to do is to ask your church members to donate items to sell.
  • Bake sales: Some of your church members can bake really good, can’t they? What if everyone donated cupcakes, brownies and cookies to help pay for your trip.

Easy mission fundraising ideas to try

Other churches that have had success, think these are the best mission trip fundraising ideas around:

  • Mission trip fundraising t shirts. Contact a local t-shirt printer in your neighborhood to help you with your church fundraiser. Collect payment up front and pay your vendor first. Selling t-shirts is a great way to raise money and get donations.
  • Cocktail party fundraising ideas: Your church can make a deal with a local restaurant for a percentage of the proceeds. You can also combine this with a karaoke night. These are certainly fun fundraising ideas for big trips.
  • Wall of money fundraiser: You can put cards for money donations from $5 to $100 each. people can claim the donation they are willing to give.
  • Mission trip grants: You can research the Christian based organizations that are offer grants to small church groups.
  • Fundraising cards: Many people never send a sympathy card because they forget to buy them at the store. How can your youth group help out? You can design and sell sympathy cards for people that have lost someone they love in death. You can quote Bible verses to help people understand that God will help them through this most difficult time. Your church can earn a profit on each box of cards they sell.
  • Church discount cards, scratch cards and gift cards. Talk to local business owners that go to your church. Ask if they would give a special promotion or discount for your customers. Then sell the cards to neighbors, friends and family.

The best mission trip fundraising ideas sell things people want to buy!

You like to eat and buy FUN things, don’t you? So do your customers!

  • Cinnamon Rolls: Many people go to church on Sunday morning on an empty stomach. How embarrassing to have your stomach making noises during the church services! Show them how easy it is to make these cinnamon rolls on a Sunday morning. They can help your mission group and save embarrassment at the same time!
  • Pretzels fundraisers and Cookie dough fundraisers for churches.These fundraisers help your church earn up to 52% on every sale. Furthermore, they allow church goers to spend family time together making and enjoying these delicious treats!
  • Gift wrapping paper fundraisers for Mission trips:Beautiful faith and holiday themed wrapping paper for your church patrons. Our winter fundraising catalog also includes many other faith based gift ideas.
  • Mission trip fundraising bracelets: Our winter fundraising catalog has scripture based bracelets for only $25. Your church group can earn up to 52% profit. Don’t be surprised if your friends and family buy more than a bracelet because this catalog is full of affordable holiday themed gifts.
  • Online mission trip fundraising: Remember to use social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to tell your story. Email can also boot your donations so be sure to get fans to give you their email address when and to “like” your page. In addition you can use fundraising platform like gofundme for your online fundraising. However, do not forget the old fashioned approach of talking to people face to face.

Of course you want fundraisers that bring in a lot of money. Don’t you? Therefore, it is important to constantly be inviting people to participate as the clock ticks down to the last few days left until your departure.

Missionary Trips Make a Difference

Short-term missions, no matter their length or location, are beneficial for those on the trip and the recipients of the mission work being performed. Many short-term missions are used to rebuild villages or towns in third world countries that have been hit by a natural disaster such as an earthquake, a tornado, flood or wildfire. They are also used to teach underprivileged children how to speak, read and write English. They also teach the joy of giving to the missionaries.

Top Reasons for Letting us Help You Raise Money For Mission Trips

For the most part, mission trips are done in large groups from schools, churches, non-profit organizations or companies. There are times where individuals find mission trips and join without knowing others involved, simply because they want to make a difference in the world.

In conclusion, it is never too late to make a difference in someone’s life. If you feel like you need to make a change in your life, consider going on a mission trip. Join a group that sponsors them so you can have the experience of a lifetime. Helping others not only makes your life fuller, but it also improves their lives.

You learn something new every day and a mission trip will teach you a new way to look at life and be grateful for what you have. Here at we say, “Amen” to that!

When you prepare to go on a mission travel trip, make sure you raise funds using a brochure because you will get the most return on your church school fundraising investment. We have the best mission trip fundraising ideas in the industry – give us a chance to prove it.

So, how to raise money for a school trip or church mission trip? Give us a try. We promise to teach you everything we know on how to raise money for volunteering abroad. Why not call us now to try our best ideas for mission trips today? We promise your missionaries will love this fundraising program.

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