Volleyball Fundraising

Volleyball fundraising

Spike Your Volleyball Fundraising with Three Great Options

It would be great if volleyball always got the same attention it gets during the Olympics. For several wonderful days, both men’s and women’s volleyball is given the prime time TV spotlight. Millions watch each match. Imagine that level of interest existing year-round. If it did, the attendance for your school’s volleyball matches would, no doubt, be much higher, and that would mean a nice steady cash flow.  Your volleyball fundraising program will be a success with one of our choices.  Volleyball fundraising will make it all possible.

But the reality is that most schools struggle to even partially fill a gymnasium for a volleyball match. That’s where https://fundraisingzone.com comes in. We can help you plan a successful volleyball fundraiser.

Why do you need a volleyball fundraiser?

Even the simplest road trip requires covering the cost of such things as tournament fees, the team bus driver, an additional travelers’ insurance required by local and state authorities, gasoline and team meals. And then there’s equipment. It’s difficult to excel in any sport without top-notch equipment. Volleyball is no different. There’s more to volleyball than simply a net. In addition to uniforms, other expenses typically include new official game balls, a coach’s set stand, a coach’s training tower, volleyball training machines and volleyball rebound training machines.

So, can you see why you need to check out these sports team fundraising ideas?

Brochures for Volleyball Fundraising 

Our brochure fundraising is one of the simplest methods of raising money to cover those team expenses. Participants simply allow potential donors to browse one of our colorful brochures filled with tempting photos of our delicious snack items, and then take their order. We have several different styles of snack fundraisers from which to choose.

  1. There are even more flavors in our Caramel Popcorn Fundraiser. Your customers will receive five to seven ounces of one of our 10 incredible flavor combinations at a reasonable price. People love popcorn. The movie theater owners can tell you that. And we all know how much money people spend on popcorn at the movie theater, and that money doesn’t go to a great cause like a school volleyball program.

Wait until you see the expression on your potential donor’s face when she realizes her popcorn choices include:

  • Caramel apple corn
  • Caramel corn with chocolate drizzle
  • Peanut butter and jelly


  1. We all like to snack, but some of us are trying to snack smart, so we offer our Smart Snack Fundraiser. But just because we left out a lot of the calories doesn’t mean that we left out any of the flavor. Case in point, our Hawaiian Delight combines sweetened banana chips with sunflower seeds, raisins, coconut, pineapple wedges and papaya.

You can also offer your volleyball lovers other Smart Snack items such as…

  • Cashew Snack Mix (cashews, sesame sticks and peanuts)
  • Mom’s Apple Pie Mix (dried apple pieces with honey cinnamon peanuts, raisins and walnut pieces)
  • Salsa Mix (includes toasted kernels of corn, cheddar sesame sticks and pepitos)

Volleyball fundraising ideas that work for school teams! 

Get your notepad out and take some notes on this one.

1. Collect cans.

Your friends, family and neighbors are drinking bottled water, soda and beer. Each of these require a .05 refundable deposit fee. The funny thing is that many people never bother to return these to get their money back. Unfortunately, many of these end up in the garbage dump ruining the environment. Your volleyball team can fill a need here.

For instance, your volleyball players can get paid to help save the environment. Finally, if you live in Michigan, your team gets .10 a can. This is the Holy Grail of  can collecting!

2. Play the The Apprentice game.

In this youth sports team fundraiser, your students get a business lesson in being a entrepreneur. How does it work?

Firstly, each student needs to find a sponsor for $10. Secondly, they need to find a way to turn the $10 starter money into a profit. So make this a competition to see who can raise the most money.

Finally, you can use your money to buy things to resell or provide a service for a profit. Help your volleyball players learn a marketable skill while raising money for the team.

3. Cookie dough fundraising for volleyball

Does your mouth water when you hear the word chunky chocolate chip cookie dough? I know mine does. And I can assure you I’m not the only one!

Your volleyball team earns up to a 50% profit with this fundraiser program. Furthermore, we will give you everything you need to have a successful volleyball fundraiser event. How does FREE brochures, envelopes and coaching sound to you? Yes, you might even qualify for free shipping too!

By the way, at only $10 for 2-lbs of cookie dough, your friends and family will be glad to support your team fund raiser.

4. Teachers against students volley ball game

Lets talk volleyball.

By the way, this works great as a charity event. On the other hand, you can charge a fee to attend. Either way the teachers get to play the students in a volleyball game fundraiser.

Additionally, you can  sell water balloons too. This way you can throw water balloons at the losing team. You will sell a ton of these balloons if the teachers lose!

5. High school sports team volleyball tournament

In this twist on the classic volleyball game, you pit one high school sports team against the other.

For instance, you can have the baseball team, swimming team, dance team and football team have a volleyball playoff against each other.

Furthermore, sell refreshments and charge a small entry fee for every team. And finally, get sponsors for your team because you want to raise additional money any way you can think of.

6. Teachers from school 1 against teachers from school 2 volley ball tournament

Think about your arch nemesis rival school. Your teams play each other regularly. What if you had your teachers and coaches play their teachers and coaches? This is a fun way to put a twist on using the old school spirit to raise money for your school team.

7. Sponsorships

Find local businesses to sponsor your volleyball team. Take the time to craft the perfect volleyball sponsorship letter. Think about what is in it for the business to want to invest in your team. Present options for advertising to help make it worth their while. Sponsorships are a great way to add additional funds to your school sports fundraiser.

8. Obstacle course

This is a fun volleyball fundraiser for school.

Use your students to help you brainstorm ideas for the ultimate obstacle course. Charge a small fee for people to enter. Award prizes for the fastest person through the obstacle course.

And finally, sell refreshments because people will be hungry and thirsty after this fundraising event.

9. Penny Drive

Many people throw pennies away. They view them as an annoyance. Why not capitalize on this?

Tell them why you are holding a volleyball fundraiser. Ask them if they have a pennies or spare change. You will be surprised what people will donate. Remember, it all adds up!

10. Moms night out.

Find a local spa that is willing to pay you a commission for the business you drive to them for this fundraiser.

Moms deserve a break and to treat themselves. So just suppose mom could get a chair massage, facial, and their have their nails done? Do you think they would enjoy this? Of course they would! Your volleyball team can earn 10-15% on the evening’s total because you are bringing the customers to them.

11. Pizza party.

There are many people that believe pizza should be called the fifth major food group. Perhaps, you can also relate to that!

So team up with a local pizza parlor. Tell them about your fundraiser and see if they will give you a discount. Charge a set fee for people to come to your pizza party. You should also be able to do this every month.

12. Gourmet popcorn fundraising for volleyball teams

Your friends and family will be glad to support this school sport fundraiser because it’s only $7.

In addition, your clients will get treats that pay your volleyball players up to a 50% profit. Sound pretty good so far? It gets better because we are willing to invest in your success.

Finally, you get free fundraiser catalogs and all the coaching you need to be successful.

Looking for the perfect fundraising product for sports teams?

What are the best fundraisers for sports teams? That depends on why you are raising money for your volleyball program. We have dozens of fundraising items to choose from. Our fundraising merchandise is second to none because we stand 100% behind our products. This means you can have confidence in what you sell.

We find that volleyball school teams earn the most money when they combine 2 or more of these fundraiser events throughout the school year.

School teams that simply choose chocolate bars or selling a dinner and movie card don’t earn as much as those that select a proven fundraising program that offers free coaching.

By the way, it doesn’t matter what time of year you call us because we have winter fundraisers and spring fundraising brochures that your customers will simply love.

Here are a few more brochure ideas to get your juices flowing. Remember, you get all the free coaching to make the most money with any of the brochures we have.

Why settle for a fund raiser when you can have a proven successful fundraiser with free coaching?

Why choose https://fundraisingzone.com for your Volleyball Fundraising Events?

In conclusion, our fundraisers are designed to help you raise as much money as possible. With https://fundraisingzone.com it doesn’t take long to earn 50% profit. That’s money that you can be quickly put back into your volleyball program.

Finally, if this is your first fundraiser, don’t worry. Or, if you’ve sponsored fundraisers in the past that weren’t successful, don’t worry, either. Call us today, and we will walk you through the steps of how to stage a winning fundraiser. And if your fundraiser is a winner, maybe your volleyball program will be, too.