Dance Fundraising Ideas that Actually Work

Dance Fundraising Ideas to Try

12 Successful Dance Fundraiser Ideas List

Looking for some fun dance fundraisers you haven’t tried yet? Here are 12 dance fundraising ideas you should try this year. Each one of these ideas can help your dance team earn money to pay for dance costumes, tournament fees, and travel expenses.

Feel free to mix and match these dance fundraisers to meet your needs. We encourage you to schedule several of these through the year.

1- Hold a fashion show to raise funds for your studio.

First, make a deal with a local women’s clothing store. Tell them you are doing a fashion show to raise money for your dance team. Your dancers can model the latest fashions. Furthermore you can ask them if they would pay a percentage for all of the business you throw their way. 

There are also several ways to make money with a fashion show. You can charge an entry fee and sell refreshments. Furthermore, you can print out coupons for people to bring to the store and get discounts. And finally, your dance group can earn a commission on all sales generated from your fashion show.

2- Dancing lessons

There are many people that would like to learn how to dance. You could either provide dance teams’ dance moves or cheer dance lessons at your school. This is also an opportunity for you to sell dance related items for extra revenue.

Additionally, you can also make a deal with a local dance school. You can make this a one-time dance lesson event and charge a set fee, or you can sell a dance lesson package. Your School dance squad makes all the money if they are doing the teaching. Or you can earn a commission on all customers that show up at the local dance studio. 

Finally, you can set up a dance studio dance. Dances are a fun way for everyone can to show off their new moves. This a a great way to advertise your dance classes for next year!

Fundraising dance events are a great way to get the whole community together and have fun while supporting a good cause.

3- Movie night

Did you know that you can rent a movie theater? Pick a great movie like Star Wars. Keep it family friendly, so the whole family can come. Then advertise it like crazy. Furthermore you can make a deal to run the concession stand so you can earn additional profit.

Another idea is to make a deal with a nearby restaurant or ice cream shop to earn a percentage of sales for all the business you send their way. Additionally, hand out coupons at the end of the movie and tell people how their purchase will help your dance team head to the nationals.

Additional List Of Dance Team Fundraising Tips and Why we Recommend Them

Dance team fundraising doesn’t have to be hard. Especially when you are having this much fun!

4- Dog wash

People pay a lot of money to have their dogs washed and groomed. So why not offer this service to your friends and family? Many people have a smelly dog that needs a bath! The thought of bathing the dog is absolutely exhausting to them. You will make a lot of people happy by offering to do this for them for a modest fee. 

In addition, you can go to the dollar store and pick up dog toys, collars, and leashes to resell at your dog wash. Each dancer can earn a few extra dollars this way.

5- Golf tournament

There are many golfers in your neighborhood. Why not set up a golf tournament and organize community charity event? You can make a deal with your local golf course and charge an entry fee for the day. Ask local businesses to donate prizes in exchange for free advertising. These dance team fundraisers may become an annual tradition for your dancing team.

6- Trivia night

Make a deal with a local restaurant or sports bar for a percentage of sales generated by your event. Many times they will open a back room for you if you have enough patrons. Charge a small fee for people to play. The sports bar wins because they get new customers. Your dancers win because they raise money playing trivia that night.

If this is popular with your supporters, you might want to do this once a month. This way you are raising money throughout the year.

7- All you can eat pancakes breakfast for family and friends

Have the mothers and the dance students make and serve pancakes. You could charge a set fee for the breakfast. Serve coffee and orange juice with it. Make sure you advertise this heavily so you know that it will be well supported. This may be one of the most fun fundraiser ideas you try!

8- Wine tasting

This can work if there is a local winery or liquor store in your neighborhood. Make sure all of your customers are old enough to drink. Charge a wine tasting fee that you can split with the owners of the winery. You can also make a deal for a commission on all sales at the end of the event.

9- House for sale

Find a local real-estate agent that is willing to donate a portion of their commission on all home listings and sales generated by your dance team. Advertise heavily for this real-estate agent. Send fliers home with all of the students. Ask everyone you meet, “Do you know anyone that is thinking of selling their home or looking to buy a home?” Then tell them about your service to raise money. Your dance team can earn thousands of dollars from this creative real estate event. Be sure to send thank you cards for everyone that helps you here.

10- Carnival

It could be a lot of fun for your dancers to fundraise with a carnival.

Invite local restaurants to rent a table or booth from you. Encourage them to offer a small taste of their popular specialties for just a few dollars. Make sure you also have plenty of games and attractions for your neighbors to enjoy.

Now its time to think of other fundraising activities your donors will enjoy. Try games of chance. They are always fun to play!

Invite local vendors and artists to show their wares.

Furthermore you can have a face painter paint all of the kids faces. Kids will eat this up and have a real good time. Make it free for people to enter the carnival. Sell tickets for all of the attractions. Make sure to take plenty of photos and videos to put on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site you use. This way it will be a day they will never forget!

11- Sell home baked goods from scratch

Parents can help with this one. If everyone chips in you can have fun selling cookies, brownies and cupcakes in the community. You can either sell the goodies to benefit your studio or your favorite charity or cause. This is also a great way for the dance studio owner or teacher to advertise their program to the community.

12 – Our FAVORITE Virtual Fundraising Idea Online That Every Dancer Should Try

Hands down our best fundraising idea for dance has to be product catalogs.

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Additionally, do you know any coffee drinkers? We have gourmet coffee program too. Your dance group earns 45% on every sale.

And finally, our spring fund raising catalog sells flower seeds, flower bulbs, magazines and kitchen gadgets. Our winter Holiday catalog sells gift wrap, bows, ribbons and has plenty of affordable holiday gift ideas. Your dance squad can make up to 50% on each sale.

In conclusion, we hope you found these “12 dance fundraising ideas you should try” helpful. Why not try something different that you have never tried before? Your dancers will thank you for it because of all of the fun they will have.

Finally, if there is any way we can help you, please let us know. We have amazing fund raising catalogs to help your dance teams earn the most money. Our programs are free and you pay nothing upfront.

We look forward to your call!