September 2023 - Fundraising Zone

Month: September 2023

Book Swap Fundraisers

If you like to read books, You will enjoy these book swap fundraising ideas. A used book sale has something for every genre. From comics, romance novels, science fiction, mystery, history and everything else in between. In this article we will answer the following questions: So, are you ready, my fellow bibliophiles? Why Hold Book […]

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraisers

Looking for some new school fundraiser ideas? Then listen to profitable PTA fundraiser that has been held for the last 35 years in the New Lebanon School gymnasium. Take a pen and paper out because there are lots of lessons to learn here. We hope you enjoy this success story with Spaghetti Dinner Fundraisers from Connecticut.Afterwards, […]

Cars For Classrooms Fundraiser Ideas

Can your local car dealer help you raise money for your school? Try out the cars for classrooms fundraiser ideas. Notice how Loftis Middle School found an interesting opportunity with a local Chrysler dealership. Are you looking for school fundraiser ideas that are easy? Then, you will enjoy these middle school fundraising ideas from Tennessee. […]

Duct Tape Principal Fundraiser Ideas

Why would any teacher allow herself to be duct taped to a wall by her students? For a good cause, that’s why! Check out these duct tape fundraising ideas.Then go over here and read about these additional school fundraiser options. Principal Michelle Balderson and School Secretary Traci Kohl volunteered for a school fundraiser for the Leukemia […]