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Successful Marching Band Fundraisers

Fundraiser Ideas For Marching Bands Looking for successful marching band fundraiser ideas? Yes sirree…We got ’em! We have dozens of ways to raise money for your school band. Additionally, you get everything you need to succeed with our free high school marching band fundraising program. But first…  Here is some marching trivia you might enjoy: Did you […]

Pep Squad Fundraising Ideas For Cheer

Pep Squad Fundraising Ideas For Cheer

Cheer & Pep Squad Fundraising Ideas To Build Your Schools Spirit If you are looking for cheer and pep squad fundraising ideas you have come to the right place! Pep squads serve an important role in high schools, middle schools and even some elementary schools. We understand that the pep squad’s main duty is to promote school spirit. Our cheer […]