October 2021 - Fundraising Zone

Month: October 2021

Uncle Jerrys Tees Fundraising Alternatives

Looking for Uncle Jerrys Tees Fundraiser? We are sorry to say Uncle Terrys Tees Fundraising has gone out of business. For over 40 years the brand served schools and kids group all over the country. Today there is a website up on the domain https://www.unclejerrystees.com but it no longer does fundraising for schools, sports teams […]

Great Booster Club Fundraising Ideas & Examples

Great Booster Club Fundraising Ideas & Examples

Here are some great examples of booster club fundraising ideas in the news. We will share what was done and then any valuable lessons you can apply for your schools booster club to try. Of course any of these compliment our free fundraising merchandise catalogs we offer. You can learn more on how to earn […]