School Fundraiser Ideas for Cancer

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School Fundraising Ideas For Cancer

Profitable High School Fundraising Ideas For Cancer

Mrs. Johnson was a favorite history teacher for many of the senior class. Her breast cancer diagnosis last September came as a shock. However, no one was prepared for her passing away so quickly. A black cloud now hung over the high school.

Mary and Beth loved her as a teacher and mentor. “It’s not fair. Why did this happen?” asked Beth. Mary added, “How can we stop this from happening again?” Simultaneously the teens blurted out, “Let’s do a breast cancer fundraiser.” Immediately, they began looking for high profit cancer fundraising ideas for schools.

We hope you find these school fundraisers helpful.


High profit cancer fundraising ideas

Perhaps someone you love has been affected by this dreadful disease. Now it’s your turn to help. Our easy cancer fundraisers are perfect for any school. If the idea of earning up to 52% profit on each sale is appealing to you, then you will like our program too. Yes, we have some easy high profit cancer fundraising ideas for you.

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Cancer Fundraising Ideas For Schools Using Fundraiser Catalogs

Did you know that your neighbors, coworkers, friends and family were buying sweets and snacks at the store each week? Imagine having a profitable fundraiser that allows them to buy the snacks they like to eat, while helping to raise money for cancer at the same time.

This program allows you to help raise cancer awareness and fund cancer research simultaneously. So, simply take the orders from your friends, and you can donate all your profits and donations to the cancer organization of your choice.

This is a very easy school fundraiser.

  • This is 100% risk free with no up front costs to your school. Your teachers and booster clubs will appreciate this!
  • First, we help you to pick the perfect fundraising catalog for your school.
  • Next, your school gets free fundraiser catalogs and envelopes from us.
  • We also give you plenty of free coaching to make sure your cancer fundraiser is profitable and fun.
  • Your students collect payment on all orders in advance. So, simply pay us for what you sell and then you keep the difference.
  • In addition, we pay for fundraising merchandise shipping when you meet the minimum order.
  • Furthermore, your school fundraiser events can earn up to 52% on every order depending on how much you sell.
  • Finally, be sure to talk about this on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Here are some of our favorite brochures and catalogs. We think your customers will also love the products we sell too.

$10 cookie dough tub fundraiser

The name pretty much says everything. Delicious fresh cookie dough in all your favorite flavors including chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and now gluten-free too! Your customers get great tasting cookie dough at a super affordable price. Remind them they are going to buy this anyway, so they might as well help save a life at the same time!

Snackin in the USA fundraiser

Sweet, salty and everything in between. This school fundraiser is a top seller almost every year. Your friends, family and coworkers will love this, and it only cost $7. The mouth watering brochure photos will sell the product for you.

Remember, that anyone with a sweet tooth is your customer. There is something for everyone here including chocolate covered almonds, gummy bears, caramel cremes, etc. So, tell your friends that they are helping to find a cancer cure with every donation.

$8 Gourmet popcorn fundraisers

The brochure pictures are almost irresistible. How does chocolate dipped caramel corn sound to you? Your friends and family will be happy to make a donation for this good cause because they get a great value for their money.

Our popcorn fundraiser is an awesome way for your school to raise money for cancer. Furthermore, please remember that we provide you with free parent letters to send home with your students about this program.

Additional Breast Cancer Fundraisers For Schools

Here are a few more creative cancer fundraisers you can use instead of simply having a few bake sales. These fundraising events will be a hit with your students because they are fun to plan and host.

Breast cancer party

Talk to a local restaurant owner and ask if they are willing to pay you a 20% commission to bring customers to them on their slowest night of the week. Then hold a breast cancer party. Tell everyone that all donations will go to help support breast cancer research.

Sell cancer ribbons

This is an easy way to raise money at school. Almost every woman in your neighborhood will make a $2 or $3 donation for a pink ribbon to raise cancer awareness.

By the way, this works for all types of cancer. Simply choose the correct cancer ribbon colors for the disease of your choice. Your donations will help to sponsor cancer prevention, awareness and new cures.

Relay for life fundraiser

This 24-hour walk-a-thon will help to raise awareness about this disease, while raising money for the American Cancer Society. The money raised will go towards cancer research for new cancer treatments, providing educational and prevention tips, as well as needed services for critical patient care. Charge an admission fee for each participant. Then encourage them to find supporters to sponsor them.

5k run for cancer

Cancer marathons promote good health, cancer awareness as well as money for cancer research. Additionally, besides being a lot of fun they help bring communities together for a good cause. This is great for helping any adult or child in the neighborhood. Furthermore, it can go to help your favorite cancer cure charity.

Head Shaving Dare

Ask people like your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers how much they would be willing to pay to see you shave your head. You can have a head shaving party. All donations can go to the patient of your choice or to a cancer organization.

FAQ for holding cancer fundraisers

How should a fundraiser be organized for cancer patients?

  1. Choose a fundraiser idea. For instance, lets say you want to sell cookie dough or gift wrap.
  2. Schedule a start and end date for your cancer fundraising event.
  3. Talk it up on social media, email and by texting.
  4. Show your friends, family and neighbors your cookie dough catalog. Tell them who and why you are trying to help them.
  5. Take your orders and collect payment up front.
  6. Pay us for your fundraising merchandise.
  7. We will ship it to you so you can deliver it to your customers.
  8. Make sure you thank your volunteers and supporters.
  9. Your school gets to keep the up to 50% on every sale.

What are the best fundraising ideas for cancer patients?

The best cancer fundraisers are free for you to start. They are profitable and fun. Furthermore, they sell fundraising items that are affordable. Finally, they are fundraising products people want to buy. Check out our catalogs to get some ideas.

How can kids with cancer raise money?

Talk to your local school or church and see if they are willing to help out. Local businesses may offer to put out a donate box for your cause. Additionally, consider peer-to-peer fundraising and online and offline crowd funding options. Many small donations can add up very quickly.

How do cancer patients get fundraisers?

Choose a school fundraising company that has experience raising money for cancer. They will guide you step by step throughout the process. By following a simple fundraising process you avoid the hassle of trying to figure this out on your own. Please review the dozens of helpful school fundraising ideas on our website.

How about a free phone consultation?

In conclusion, if you have questions, we have plenty of answers and cancer fundraising ideas for schools to share with you.

So, why not grab your free fundraising kit here?

Finally, give us a call at 1-800-645-6550. The free advice we have to share is priceless.

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