What is Relay for Life and How Teams Raise Money for a Cure and More!


How to Raise Money for your “Relay for Life” Fundraiser

Relay for Life is the signature fundraising event for the American Cancer Society; a community event bringing people together in thousands of US communities and more than 20 countries around the world. The event raises money so one day no one has to hear the words, “You have cancer.”  And our relay for life fundraising ideas can help if you do.

Community Relay for Life

Volunteers in each community work together to make Relay for Life happen. It’s an event where people come to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back. They CELEBRATE the lives of anyone who has lived with cancer – those currently fighting the fight and survivors. They REMEMBER the lives of friends and loved ones who have lost the fight; and they FIGHT BACK because cancer has touched every family in some form or other and people are committed to help find an end to a disease that has taken too many too soon! Relay for Life fundraising events can make a difference.

Relay for Life is made up of teams consisting of 10 to 12 people who take turns walking around a designated area where the event is held. The event is usually between 12-24 hours long, and the challenge is for each team to have at least one member walking the path during the entire time of the event. Walkers keep moving; this is significant because until they find a cure, cancer does not stop. It does not matter if the walkers are tired, the weather is stormy or below freezing, they walk in honor and in memory of loved ones.

In order to participate, teams raise money that goes towards research, providing free lodging for patients and their caregivers, offering cancer prevention screenings, and delivering programs such as “Look Good Feel Better” to help women learn beauty techniques to cope with hair loss and skin changes that occur due to cancer treatments, and much more.

The Inside Scoop for Relay For Life fundraising

Relay teams have the opportunity to fundraise 10 to 12 months a year and during the Relay event itself. Fundraising ideas include lap necklaces – walkers purchase a necklace and for each lap they walk they receive a bead – it’s a great way to add some competition for all the teams and maybe provide a “prize” at the end of the event. Since your team can fundraise all year long, you can sell some of the products from http://www.fundraisingzone.com and focus on specials for different times of the year, and the best part is the products are a guaranteed success and bring in a lot of profit for your team! Their Holiday and Winter Wonderland Collections have some great ideas for Christmas gifts so your friends and family can save time and shop with you while giving to a great cause!

There’s also a cookie dough fundraiser you can use at least two ways. First, sell it to friends and family for baking their own cookies. Additionally, you  can  have team members buy a tub and bake cookies to sell at the Relay for Life event. Finally, put two cookies in a bag and sell for them for a buck. The possibilities are endless.

The idea behind Relay for Life is to fundraise with your team all year long. So, don’t fall into the trap and wait until the day of the event. That’s one reason http://www.fundraisingzone.com can be such a moneymaker for your team! There are different options to choose two or three times throughout the year.

Suggestions for Successful Fundraising

First, have a team meeting, look online at http://www.fundraisingzone.com and decide which fundraisers your team wants to participate in this year, put the balls in motion and advertise! Relay for Life has a personal page for each participate and a team page for your team. Simply, post your fundraising information on your team page and each participant’s page. Finally, send the information out on social media platforms and emails. Can you imagine the number of people you’ll reach and the sales you’ll make? Remember, you are doing a great thing helping others!

We provide free coaching calls to help you raise money for your favorite cause. Why not reach out to us today? We promise to share our best relay for life fundraising ideas with you!

Come together as a team in your community for a great cause!