Creative Fundraising Ideas For Relay For Life

creative relay for life fundraising ideas

Enjoy These Creative Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas!

If your nonprofit or school is looking for some creative fundraising ideas for relay for life, we hope you enjoy some of our favorite tips. Additionally, if you make your Relay For Life fundraiser a fun event, the odds are your friends and family will not only donate to support it… but will also have a great time doing so. Furthermore, you can count on them supporting you again next year.

7 Creative Fundraising Ideas For Relay For Life

So, are you tired of doing the same thing over and over? Maybe it’s time to spice things up a little. So, feel free to mix and match these creative Relay For Life fundraising ideas


Hold a talent show fundraiser.

Why don’t hold the talent show? There are plenty of artistic creative people in your community. A talent show will allow people to show off their talent and skills while helping people fight cancer. Give your aspiring actors, actresses, comedians, singers and dancers and opportunity to shine. See for yourself how your community will gladly donate to help cancer in order to enjoy the evenings entertainment.

Pink Flamingos Fundraiser

This is another creative fundraiser to raise money for cancer. Imagine sneaking out at night time and putting two dozen pink flamingos on someone’s lawn. Then writing and extortion letter saying you will gladly remove the pink flamingos for a donation to your cause. Do you think your students would have fun with us? Go ahead and read how these pink flamingo fundraising ideas work.

Krispy Kreme Fundraisers

People like to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts, don’t they? So why not find a way to raise money to fight cancer by selling donuts? Contact your local donut shop in your neighborhood. Tell them about your dream of A cure for cancer. Ask them if they have anybody in their family that has cancer? Finally, ask if they will support you with a donut fundraiser. This creative relay for life fundraiser can raise several thousand dollars if you plan it correctly. Learn more about these Krispy Kreme fundraising ideas here.

Adults Night Out Fundraiser

Some people are so busy at work they don’t get time to relax and enjoy themselves. That is why an adult night out fundraiser might be perfect to raise money for cancer in your community. The parents get a nice night to remember. You could have dinner, dancing and live music. Be sure to advertise this as a cancer fundraiser. Explain to them how relay for life works and tell them how their donation will save other peoples lives one day. You can learn more about these adult night out fundraiser ideas here.

Cow chip raffle Fundraiser

If you have any farmers nearby you can try this creative relay for life fundraiser. Imagine a big field that is divided into lots of squares all the same size. You could number of the squares. Now allow people to donate to buy a square. Now it’s up to the cows to help out. Whoever has the square that receives the cow chip wins the prize. This is a creative cancer fundraiser that will create a lot of laughs. Learn more about the moo poo classic fundraiser here.

Bowling For A Cure

Contact a bowling alley near you. Tell them all about your efforts to support the relay for life program. See if they would be able to help you raise money to fight cancer. Perhaps they will allow you to keep up to 100% of the profits. Why would they do this? Because it helps a good cause. Furthermore, it introduces many families to bowling they have never tried it before. There’s a good chance if they have fun they will go back again.

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