Will You Make These Mistakes When Picking PTO Fundraising Companies?

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Will You Make These Mistakes When Picking PTO Fundraising Companies?

5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing PTO Fundraising Companies For Your School

There are many PTO fundraising companies to choose from today.

But how do you know which one to work with? After all, your name and reputation are on the line, not only with student’s parents, but with the whole PTA or PTO board as well.

Here are a few tips to help you make the best PTO fundraising decision for your school. We hope these PTO fundraising ideas will help you.

Will you make these common mistakes when selecting PTO Fundraiser Companies?

  • What do they sell? Some school fundraising companies promise very high profit margins. This could be tempting. However, what good is it to earn a high profit on each sale if you can’t sell anything? The solution? Only sell things that people like to buy! Our cookie dough and popcorn fundraisers are just the ticket. People like to buy things that make them feel good. Sweet and salty snacks work very well, especially when they are of a good quality. People love our snack fundraisers, and your customers will love them too.
  • Is it affordable? The only thing worse than selling something people don’t want is to sell something so expensive that no one can afford it. The good news is that our cookie dough fundraiser items are only $10 each & our gourmet popcorn is only $7 a bag. That means almost anyone can afford to donate and help your PTO.
  • How long have they been in business? Anyone can be an affiliate for cookie dough or popcorn. The real question is, how long have they been in business? Will they be around tomorrow when I need them? Here at Tracey Allen’s fundraisingzone.com, we have helped Parent Teacher organizations for over 50 years.

More questions to ask your fundraising company

  • Do I have to buy product upfront? The answer is unequivocally no. Our customers complained about prior school fundraising companies that made them buy product before they ever got started. That doesn’t make sense to us either! After all, you are looking for ways to make money, not SPEND money, right? Everyone loves that there is no money out of pocket with our school fundraising events. First, we give you free brochures to show your friends and family. Simply collect payment from your customers upfront. Then you can pay us for what you sell. This is truly a risk free fundraising program for your school.
  • How much can we earn? Our clients told us they traditionally made 10-20% profit on fundraisers they had with local businesses. On the other hand, your Parent Teacher Association can earn up to 52% by using our easy fundraiser brochure program.

So… What are you thinking right now?

Many of our clients had concerns about choosing the right fundraising company for their PTO.  No doubt, you do too.

However, here is what they have found after working with us:

Celia said, “Delivery was handled quickly and to my specifications. Fundraising was much easier with https://fundraisingzone.com than with any other provider we’ve used in the past.”

Lyla added, “I didn’t want to reach out until the final word was in, but https://fundraisingzone.com is our new GO TO company for all our fundraising needs.”

We invite you to a free strategic needs analysis call. Let’s learn a little about your hopes and dreams to see how we can make them possible together.

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