4 PTO Fundraising Ideas For Elementary Schools

Lemonade stand fundraisers

What are the best PTO fundraising ideas for elementary schools?

Parents and teachers that care about their kids are always looking for good PTO fundraising ideas for elementary schools.

This requires cooperation and planning on the part of every member.

Parent Teacher Organizations around the country recognize the role that fundraisers play in providing many of the things that school budget cuts won’t cover anymore.

Whether you are raising money for your library or new computers these ideas will work for your grade school.

Here are some of the top PTO fundraising ideas for elementary schools we have found:

 It is best to choose fundraiser ideas for PTA that are appropriate to the ages from kindergarten to 6th grade.

Here are a few we have found that will work great for your organization.

Candy Sale Fundraisers

 Our candy sale fundraising brochures make this fun and easy for everyone involved.

Why do they work?

Simply put, people like to eat candy and kids like to win prizes.

Candy sales have been a winner for over 50 years now. In fact, it is said that the worse the economy gets, the more chocolate people buy!

Why not talk to a candy fundraising expert to have all of your questions answered?

Bake sale fundraisers for your PTO

 This is an old favorite of the PTO but with a TWIST.

Bake sales offer an opportunity for parents and kids to bake goodies together and then to donate them to the sale. Remember that kids are not the only ones that love to eat cake, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and pies.

If you can set a menu in advance you can tell the parents that they are welcome to make as many of the goodies listed as they like. For example, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, bran muffins, sugar cookies etc. to name a few.

Next, set a day and advertise the bake sale. You can arrange to have a time and date for people to come to the school and buy what ever they want.

Here is our twist on the traditional bake sale. Take your menu and create an order form. You can take that order form and talk to your neighbors, family members and coworkers. Collect your donations in advance. Just make sure that the parents bake enough to cover your sales. Otherwise, you will have some pretty disappointed customers.

Cookie dough fundraisering for your PTO

 Cookie dough fundraisers are great for elementary school PTO’s because the kids and parents don’t have to do the fulfillment. This means all the kids have to do is to take the cookie dough catalogs and show them to people.

The cookie dough sells itself & people pay for the product in advance. Then you simply send your orders in.

Each 2.5 lb order arrives on dry ice ensuring your cookie dough stays fresh.

It doesn’t matter if your are a chocolate chip fan or love snicker-doodles… there is something for everyone.

By the way, your school earns up to $8 on each order.

Lemonade stand fundraisers

 It is amazing that this old fashioned idea still works.

If you can get permission to put a lemonade stand on school grounds you can really clean up during lunch and recess time. One group of students pulled in $1,300 in just 2 hours with one of these. The children get a glass of refreshing lemonade and the school gets money to pay for supplies it needs.

You can also have a contest where the the kids set up lemonade stands in their own neighborhoods and forward the donations to the PTO. Whoever sells the most lemonade wins a prize. The key to this is to get the kids excited about how these donations will benefit them personally.

After 50 years in the business we have learned that schools that set up a fundraising calendar are the big winners.

First, they schedule fundraisers in the spring, summer, fall & winter.

Second, they combine traditional fundraisers like bake sales WITH some of our successful catalog fundraising ideas.

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