Popular Daycare Fundraisers Selling Gourmet Coffee

Popular daycare fundraisers selling coffee 2

Looking for some popular daycare fundraisers?

Ready to learn what some of our most popular daycare fundraisers are?

If we told you selling gourmet coffee, would you be surprised? It only makes sense since coffee is such a popular drink. After all, the average American spends approximately $1,100 a year spending about three dollars every day on coffee.

Wicked Awesome Coffee – One of our most popular daycare fundraisers

What makes our gourmet coffee fundraiser so popular with daycare centers, childcare facilities, and preschool programs?

Well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? People love to drink coffee. Since America is spending three dollars a day for coffee already, let’s find a way to get your friends, family and neighbors to support your daycare facility. (By the way, $1,100 a year spent on coffee does not include the coffee they purchase to make at home in their fancy coffee pots).

In other words, you have a receptive audience that is going to buy coffee this week. Doesn’t it make sense to help them get their caffeine fix while raising money for your daycare center? Our Wicked Awesome coffee fundraiser may be exactly the ticket you are looking for your next daycare fundraisers event!

Additional reasons that make our coffee fundraising program one of our most popular daycare fundraising ideas…

You might be a little nervous about trying a coffee fundraiser, especially if you’ve never done one before.

The good news is that we have fine tuned the easy daycare fundraising program process to a simple five-step formula. This means if you’re willing to follow some good advice, you will have a successful day care fundraiser.

  • We will give you as many coffee fundraiser brochures as you need. Our Boston’s best coffee is spectacular. You’ll enjoy the wickedly awesome brand.
  • Your daycare center turns up to 45% on every sale you make. This makes this the best coffee fundraiser you can try.
  • When you meet our minimum order you also get free shipping on all of your fundraising products.
  • Finally, we provide you with free coaching to ensure your local daycare center will make the most money.

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Then feel free to look at some of our happy church fundraising and school fundraising customer’s comments here. Learn how your daycare center can hold a successful fundraiser too.

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Let’s find out what the perfect fundraiser for your school is, whether its coffee, gourmet snacks, or even cookie dough fundraisers. We have you covered either way.

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