Daycare Fundraising Ideas – Get Involved

Daycare Fundraising Ideas

Daycare Fundraiser Ideas – Learn How to Raise Money Quickly, Easily and 100% Risk Free

Who can resist the sweet face of a happy child…not many.  Therefore, there is no reason to not take advantage of this fact while you’re running a successful daycare fundraiser. Our childcare fundraising tips and programs can help, whether you need to replace the sand in the sandboxes or make sure everyone can take swimming lessons this year. Remember, this is a joint effort between you and your daycare parents. Together, you can generate interest, support, and donations to meet your financial goals. While most of the fundraising will be handled by parents, it’s important to get your preschool and daycare babies and toddlers in on the fun too. Looking for the best daycare fundraising ideas – we have answers.

Day care and child care centers work hard to try to keep costs fair to parents. Fundraisers are a great way to implement enrichment programs for infants to enhance their learning.  It helps to ease the financial burden of their parents.  These low up-front cost, high financial return activities help you reach that goal.  Our fundraising programs are real money makers – you can sell online too. We hope you enjoy these tips to raise the most money for your day care facility.


Get Everyone Involved in your Daycare Fundraiser

Parents, small businesses, and local organizations dedicated to the education of children are all great resources to start with. They are all perfect for donations, ideas, and participation in your daycare fundraiser. Most toddlers aren’t able to explain the ins and outs of your event campaign to participants – duh. Instead, parents are going to be your main source for promoting the fundraiser on behalf of the daycare and their children. So, you want to get your volunteers, students and family involved with your school fundraising events right from the very beginning.

Do you run a church daycare center? Our church fundraising brochures can help you to reach your financial goals. Get the entire church involved to help raise money.

What does small business have anything to do with raising money for daycare?

Many small businesses are happy to offer donations to support your daycare fundraising events. Others are willing to donate products or services that you can auction off to the highest bidder. Those donations are tax deductible. They also position businesses as supporters of child care as well as the education of community children. It’s a two-way win.

We Offer Easy Fundraiser Ideas For Any Daycare

Our easy fundraising options are very simple to run and help your daycare reach and surpass its fundraising goals. It is a great idea to focus on the holiday seasons for raising daycare donations for programs and products that the babies and toddlers need. Simply show the fundraising brochure or cards to your friends and family. They will be happy to buy things to support their children or grand children. Here are some very easy fund raisers for babies, infants and toddlers:

Gift Wrap Fundraising

Winter Wonderland Gifts and gift wrap: some of the coolest gift wrap and presents are in this Christmas season fundraising brochure. Looking for cool, one-of-a-kind prints, and inexpensive gift items that can be difficult to find around holiday time? Find them in this one stop Christmas shop for everyone in the family.

What will you find in this Holiday fundraising catalog? We have mugs, cooking utensils, chocolate, and did we say gift wrap? This collection has everything donors need to handle their holiday shopping as well. This is perfect for your next October or November event.

Popcorn Fundraising

Caramel Popcorn: Statistically speaking, popcorn sales are best in the colder seasons for home consumption, but everybody loves caramel popcorn no matter what time of year it is. This unlikely winter winner has ten delicious choices that range from chocolate to nutty to sweet/salty combos.

Snack fundraising

Gourmet Goodness: You would be surprised at all the gourmet goodies found in this brochure. Grandparents and parents alike would be happy to order from your children. We also have gourmet snacks and food including jalapeno and bacon cheddar cheese spreads, mint patties and brownie mix too.

Cookie dough fundraiser sales

$12 Cookie dough in tubs!  Finally, you will love these old-fashioned cookie dough flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal and Snickerdoodle. Kids of all ages will love these cookies! Give the gift of a cookie this year. We will even pay for the shipping when you meet the minimum order.


Additional Kids Activities And Fundraisers Include:

Try some of these activities for kids. Combine these fundraiser ideas with any of the brochures we suggested above.

  • Fun portraits for kids. Take photos that mom and dad will have to buy! This can be done with every years class.
  • Used toy sales. Have your volunteers bring the toys their kids don’t play with anymore.
  • Gently used clothing and shoes sale.
  • Penny Jars.
  • Creating and selling kids calendars.
  • Read-a-thon. Collect donations every time a kid reads a book! Also works for parents reading to little kids that can’t read yet. Book thons certainly can contribute to a kids future love for reading and learning.
  • Create and sell kids coloring books.
  • Bake sale. Sell home made food and baked goods. Here is a bonus tip. Offer samples and your daycare will sell even more cookies and brownies!

Run a Successful Daycare Fundraiser Near Me

Learn how to run a day care or childcare fundraiser near where you live – it’s so easy. Once you have found the right place you can choose one of our many offerings. As you can see, we have so much more to offer than a typical lollipop fundraiser, discount card or scratch card fundraising.

These can help you to raise the funds you need to help your kids. You can also use them to donate the proceeds for any kids cause or charity in your community.

In conclusion, daycare fundraisers are necessary to help create and maintain programs for the children’s learning experience. Learning letters, numbers, and colors is important, but so are the fun skills that build social awareness and confidence. We’re ready to help your daycare reach your goals.  We are always here to assist you and your daycare center reach its financial and fundraising goals – feel free to give us a call at 800.645.6550 regarding any of our fundraising products. So, why not call today? We promise to share our best daycare fundraising ideas with you!

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