Booster Club Fundraisers that Really Work

Booster Club Fundraiser Ideas

Booster club fundraising that Actually Succeed 

Learn How to Raise the Most Money For Your Schools Boosters Team or Club

So you are looking for Booster club fundraising ideas during Covid – we have ideas that work. Just suppose we could help you to easily raise money for your club or team virtually. Our booster club fundraisers may be exactly what you are looking for because they are designed to make it as easy as pie for your sports team school club.

So what makes our easy booster club fundraisers so profitable? Simply put, it is because we have a proven school athletic program fundraising system.

What do we mean by that?

After 50 years in this industry, we have simplified our fundraising ideas for boosters to 5 simple steps.

So how does this help you?

Let’s face it, we understand that as parents, you are busy balancing the load as a parent, employee, and booster club member already. Isn’t that so? So why reinvent the wheel raising money for your club? Doesn’t it make sense to find a proven system that works for other school teams?

Now here is the thing – Success leaves clues.

So because we have helped school boosters all over the country to raise money for supplies, equipment and trip expenses—we can help you too.

Would you like to see how easy it can be to use our fundraiser ideas for booster clubs?

What Are the 5 Most Popular Fundraisers For Boosters Right Now?

Some of our top sports booster fundraising campaigns are under $10.00. This way it is affordable for all of your friends and family.

For example, some our best school fundraising events include:

1- Snackin in the USA

Our snack fundraiser contains sweet, salty and everything in between. It is no wonder this is a best seller for nonprofit groups, schools and youth groups all over the country. Your donors will think they are getting a deal buying gourmet snacks for only $8.00 each.

2- Gourmet Popcorn

Once you start eating it you can’t stop because it tastes that good! Don’t be surprised if your customers call you back to reorder more. This sells out quick at only $8.00.

3- Cookie Dough Tubs

Your customers will love the many flavors that are available for only $10.00 each. Your customer gets 2 lbs. of their favorite cookie dough. That is a deal!

4- Gift wrap paper

Let’s face it. Your friends and family buy wrapping paper every year for the holiday season. Doesn’t it make sense that they buy it from your sports booster club?

Furthermore, these catalogs have all kinds of tasty treats in them. So it’s almost like having two fundraisers at the same time, a gift wrap and candy fundraiser too!

5- Raffle tickets for a nonprofit

This is a great idea to COMBINE with your brochure fundraiser.

Speak to the local businesses in your neighborhood to see if they are willing to contribute goods or services to hold a silent auction and sell raffle tickets. Selling tickets is the key to raising money for your club or team. The more tickets you sell, the more money you will make. So set up a friendly competition with everyone on the team, squadron or club to see who sells the most raffle tickets and cards.

These proven youth fundraising programs will help you and your coach to raise the money that you will need for your school sports program or your favorite local nonprofit, education center or charity.

Try these extra 5 fun booster club drive suggestions this year

Yes! These will work whether you have a cheer team or a sports team and everything in between, because our school boosters club drive programs work.

Here is our top ten list of best events and options for your members to try:

1. Car Wash

This is a great spring fundraiser for booster clubs. Wash the dirt, grime and salt stains off your car from this last winter.

  • Advertise this like crazy in your community. Text. call and post on social media.
  • Furthermore, do it in an area that has lots of drive-by traffic.
  • Get the students to hold up signs advertising your car wash fundraiser.
  • Additionally you can offer a FREE car wash to a local influencer in exchange for free advertising. For, example, give a free wash to the local pastor at your church so he encourages everyone to support your school fundraising event.
  • Finally, sell bottled water and individual pretzel rods for $1 each to make extra money.

Bonus tip. Consider selling tickets for a free car wash that people can gift to a friend. Stop after washing someone’s car to ask if they would like to buy a carwash for someone else as a gift. 

Here is a secret… Don’t be surprised if 40% of the tickets are never redeemed. So this means you will make even more money, get paid up front, and won’t have to do the work later. 

2. Advertising

There are local businesses in your community that would love to advertise on your booster club website, newsletter, or during your next tournament.

For example, let’s say you have a baseball booster club. Do you have a local sports store in your neighborhood? Do you think they might want to signup and advertise to families that love to play baseball? BINGO!

You are only limited by your creative thinking to find local advertisers. Want another idea? A hungry family will want to go out to eat after a baseball game. Do you think a restaurant might want this extra business?

Baseball playing students like to play in their home back yard. Do you think that some parents might respond to an ad from a local landscaping company? What if they promised to make your backyard grass look like your very own baseball field?

Now the rest is up to you!

3. Host a cook out fundraiser in your community

You want to find hungry people for this school club fundraiser. So, contact a local Sam’s Club or Walmart and ask if you can sell hot dogs and hamburgers outside to raise money for your booster club.

I promise the smell of hot dogs and burgers cooking will attract a lot of hungry customers in the parking lots!

An alternate to this is to talk with local restaurants and set up a party restaurant night fundraiser. This makers sense because many families go out to eat anyway. You can now eat out and raise money after your sports team has a practice night.

4. Yard work

There is enough yard work in your neighborhood for your club to raise money all year long with just a little elbow grease and no specialized skills needed.

For example, here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  • Weeding
  • Mowing lawns
  • Raking leaves
  • An finally shoveling snow in the winter.

Do you think there might be some people in your community that would be glad to make a donation for your helping with their yard work? Of course there are!

  • Make yard work fliers up. Tell the story why you are having this fundraising event. Then hand them out in your neighborhood.
  • Keep a list of people that want yard work done. This way you can help them next school year too.

5. Tournament Event

Think about your school team or school club members. Now think of a tournament that you can create that would be lots of fun. With a little creativity and planning you can make a tournament for your school club too. HINT: Golf is a popular event with many people in the community.

How can you make money with a tournament?

For instance, some boosters charge an admission for everyone. However, charging admission is only one way to monetize your tournament event. Because other schools may charge an entry fee if someone wants to participate in the games too. And still others sell advertising, refreshments and award prizes or cash also. You can also sell shirts based on the tournament. Shirt sales can be an extra stream of income for your team members.

Raising Funds For High School Sports

We understand that school administrators cannot be involved in your youth sports booster club organization except approving activities held at the high school. This means that all of the work is on your shoulders which is a big responsibility. That is why we want to help you.

We told you this would be simple.

In fact there are only 5 steps to our system to make these booster club product fundraisers work for your school.

  1. First of all, call us for a free consultation. We will help you to select the perfect fundraiser program for your high school booster club members.
  2. In addition, your free brochures will be shipped directly to your door. We will also include a custom parent letter to get the student parents on board to support your fundraising event.
  3. Tell everyone about your fundraising program! Use YouTube and Facebook videos. Show pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram too. Remember to email your friends and family
  4. Show the brochures and collect payment on the orders using the sign up sheets.
  5. Finally, after you pay for your orders, we will mail them to you ASAP. In fact you get free shipping when you meet the minimum order.

By now, you might be wondering…

How Do I Know This Fundraiser Will Work For Our Schools Club Members?

Perhaps that has crossed your mind already. It’s OK, because we totally understand. In fact, you are not the first person to think this way.

For example, one of our clients, Shelly King of Columbus, SC was concerned just like you. However, notice what she found when she tried our fundraising programs:

“Professional, courteous, and helpful- those are the top 3 words I can find to describe the good people over at I was a little nervous at first because I’m new to fundraising. They really showed us how easy it could be. I recommend them to anyone interested in running a successful fundraiser.”

The best part is that there is no risk for your school because there are no upfront costs to sign up. You only pay for what you sell, and since you collect payment in advance, that means your sports booster club wins!

By the way you can read more success stories here.


What is the purpose of  a booster-club?

The purpose of a school booster club is to help solicit money to support the school club or team. Since many school budgets have been cut, it is up to the booster parents to raise the necessary funds so the students can participate in the school program. Our fundraising catalogs allow your booster to earn up to a 50% profit on each sale.

What does the boosterclub’s president do?

The booster club parent presides over all meetings. Furthermore, they appoint committees and make sure the booster operates by its bylaws. Our fundraising brochure will allow you to raise the money you need while abiding by your bylaws, as well as any state regulations.

What is a basketball booster?

A basketball booster club operates to support the players on the team and ensure they have what they need to play and compete against other school teams. They raise funds to offset uniforms costs, equipment, team trips, and any tournament fees. Our program may be exactly what you are looking for.

Where do we go from here?

In conclusion, we hope these club fundraising ideas and suggestions were helpful.

Quick question…what if we schedule an exploratory call together to find out what your fundraising goals are for your booster club? Then lets pick a brochure together to help your school boosters sports team reach those goals.

Remember that we specialize in school fundraising and nonprofit fundraising. That means we also have plenty of options and tips to share with you when we talk.

Finally, why not give us a call right now? We will share some of our best booster club fundraising programs with you.

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