Booster Club Fundraising Ideas – Easy, Fun, Simple

booster club ideas

Booster Club Fundraising Ideas – Easy, Fun, Simple

Best Booster Club Fundraisers – Learn How to Raise the Most Money For Your Team Sports Program

If you are looking for the best booster club fundraising ideas that are easy, fun & simple to do, then you have come to the right place.  Booster Club Fundraising Ideas – Easy, Fun, Simple.

Here at, we understand how hard it is on the kids when they hear that team funding has been cut…. AGAIN.

Uniforms, mats, sports equipment, travel expenses all cost money.

LOTS of money.

Where is it going to come from?

We have to learn how to think outside the box a little if we are going to help these kids. That is where creative fundraising comes in.

Our best booster club fundraising ideas work for high school sports teams like:

  • Cheer teams
  • Basketball teams
  • Baseball teams
  • Soccer teams
  • Volleyball teams
  • Swim team
  • Track

Here Are Our Top 5 Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

After 50 years in the business you learn which fundraisers are the most popular with high schools. We promise to share some of the best school club fundraising ideas out there. We encourage you to try them all, one at a time throughout the school year.

Best of all our booster club customers love that their sports team can earn up to 50% on each order!

1) $10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Teenagers love chocolate cookies don’t they? These 2 lb cookie dough tubs are a hit with friends , family, neighbors and co-workers. This cookie dough has no preservatives, no trans-fats and is Kosher approved.

There are six amazing cookie dough flavors including old favorites like peanut butter and oatmeal raisin.

Finally, all of the product is shipped on dry ice which ensures your customers get the best tasting fresh cookie dough possible.

You can learn how to make up to 50% profit with each sale in the cookie dough fundraising brochure here…

2) Flower Bulb Fundraising

This booster club membership drive idea involves selling flower bulbs and seeds during the spring time.

People love fresh flowers, don’t they?

Now instead of going to buy them at Home Depot, Lowes or their local garden center,  they can support your team sports program.

These beautifully designed brochures feature flowers that attract butterflies and humming birds. They are easily affordable with many products costing under $10.00. Your customers will love the flowers & your booster club will love the money that it raises.

You can lean more about the Simply Spring Fundraising brochure featuring seeds & bulbs here…

3) Sports Team Tee shirt Fundraising

A great high school athletic fundraising idea is selling branded school team clothing & apparel. Imagine your school team logo on hats, backpacks, tee shirts, lunch bags and water bottles.

Can you get a list of past students that graduated from your school? You can search on facebook to see former alumni. Many of these folks have a nostalgic soft spot for their old high school and would love to buy a baseball hat or shirt to support your team. By the way, your booster club earns up to 50% on each sale.

You can learn more about our sports team fundraising brochure here…

4) Selling Candy is another Easy Booster Club Fund Raising Idea

Most people that are stressed like something to munch on, right? Our popular Snackin in the USA brochure is a real hit with many booster clubs.

Whether you are a salty or sweet fan, there is something for everyone here. From gummy bears to chocolate covered raisins, this brochure has it all. Each item is only $7.00 which means it is easily affordable to everyone. Your team earns up to $3.50 on every item sold.

You can learn more about our candy fundraising brochure here…

5) Pre-sell car wash tickets

You might be thinking, “Hey, we tried that already!”

Here is the thing… this little twist will put EXTRA money in your pockets in two different ways.

Most sports team car wash fundraisers involve sitting in a parking lot & and waiting for cars to come to them. So, what if we went to the car owners instead?

Here is the trick…

Pre-sell your car washes. Print up some gift certificates for one free car wash. Then you can sell these for $5 – $10 each. Set up a car wash day and location for them to be redeemed.

How does this help your booster club?

  • First, these are EXTRA sales that you would get above and beyond your impulsive drive-by traffic.
  • Second, these can be bought as gifts for other people.
  • Third, many people will buy them & never show up for the car to be washed!
  • Fourth, while they are waiting in line, you can show them your cookie dough brochure!

Why are booster club fundraisers important?

The backbone to school spirit comes from booster clubs in high school and junior high school. School boosters raise money to fund a lot of projects. The most important reason is to enhance the sports team or association at school – to make it more fun. The manager or overseer of the booster club is often times a parent of a child at the school.

The main purpose of the booster leader is to raise funds for the club it is associated with. It can be done by getting donations, running events, and by running brochure fundraisers. If they decide to run a brochure fundraiser, we can be of assistance.

We offer a wide variety of catalog fundraising options for the booster club to consider.

Finally, if you are looking for a great resource in developing a booster club:

Were these school booster club fundraiser ideas helpful?

We hope that these sports booster club fundraising ideas have helped to get your creative juices flowing.

Did you know that we have a special 1-800 number to help you plan your booster club fundraiser every step of the way?

Call 1-800-645-6550 and a team member will help you to avoid the common mistakes that booster clubs make when raising money for their school.

It is fast and it is free. Your team member will answer all of your questions and send you one of our free booster club fundraising kits.


Why not give us a try? You will be happy that you did.

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