Social media fundraising ideas

Social media fundraising ideas

Social Media Fundraising Ideas

How many of these social media fundraising ideas are you using?

Today, we are living in an online digital world. In fact, many people spend more time on social websites than they do interacting with the person directly in from to them. As a result it is important for schools, small groups and non profits to embrace using social media to compete for the public donations. Failure to do so would be a mistake. we hope you find these easy social media fundraising ideas helpful.

Claim all of your social media sites in your name

Just suppose you went to claim a facebook or twitter name for your school or small group only to find someone else took it already. How frustrating that would be! That is why we suggest claiming all of them whether you think you will use them or not.

How many of these have you claimed already?

▪        Google plus?

▪        Facebook?

▪        Twitter?

▪        Instagram?

▪        Linkedin?

▪        Pinterest?

▪        Tumblr?

If you think that is all of them, then you would be mistaken. How surprised would you be to find out there were over 500 social media sites that you could be using? Here is a great website that you can use to secure your brand name for your non profit, small group or school.

Use the same brand logo to identify your cause

Small groups usually don’t think about marketing much. Yet, it is important to convey the same consistent brand identity across all of the social media sites. Whether, it is twitter or facebook you want people to recognize your brand name and logo. If they can’t recognize you they will not donate. Remember, that consistency is the key.

Do you have a logo for your brand yet? You can get a nice logo designed for about $10 on That is a price point that even a start up non profit can afford.

Connect them all together on your website

Ask your webmaster to list the top 4 or 5 social media profiles on the front page of your website. This way your fans and donors can follow you on the social media channel of their choice. It is important to remember that everyone has their own favorites so be sure to make it easy for them to follow you there.

Auto publish your content across all your social media profiles

You might be thinking, “That sounds like a lot of work.  We are a small charity. How will we find the time to do all of this work on these social media sites?”

You are not alone!

The good news is that you can interconnect these together so that when you post on one of them it goes to all of them. Lets say, you have a blog and you post a new photo on it thanking your donors for their contribution. Or perhaps you want to send a link to your cookie dough fundraising brochure.

You can set it so it automatically is sent out on facebook and twitter at the same time. Can you see how this can save you time?

A great website to help you do this for free is IFTTT.  It will help you to easily distribute your photos and images across many of your social media accounts. This will save you a lot of time while allowing your fans to keep up with your latest posts.

Emulate what the big boys are doing

Want some good ideas for viral posts? A great tip is to go and visit some of the big non profits social media profiles like Red Cross and UNICEF. What are they doing?

Notice which kinds of posts, photos and videos get the most views, likes, comments and shares. Now how can you use this for your non profit. Remember, that success leaves clues. So look at what is working and give it your own unique twist.

We hope you found these easy social media fundraising ideas helpful. Please contact us so that we can help your next fundraiser to be successful.

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