Boost Fundraising Sales via Email & Social Media

Increase Sales as Much as 25-50%
“Easy Online Fundraiser Assistant™”

Fundraising Email Program
Boost Sales via Email

Use with our Gift Catalogs – Make Money 24/7

That’s right – take advantage of our “no fee” email fundraising sales program for our “Gift Catalog” offerings.  Just because we have been in business for over fifty years doesn’t mean we don’t keep up with the times.

We have great gift catalogs filled with a wide variety of products.  Generally our most popular gift catalogs are the Winter Wonderland Brochure, Holiday Collection Catalog, Simply Spring Brochure and our Gourmet Goodness Catalog (which is available pretty much all year long).

Sending emails to friends and family (local or out of town) and asking them to help is as easy as 1-2-3.  We track all your sales, even if you’re participating in using our prize program.  This way the kids don’t miss out on the sales they get from sending emails because all the paper order forms have a unique code.

Questions about our Email Fundraising Sales Program

Q. Is your email fundraising sales program available to any sized group?

A. Yes. Whether you’re an elementary school or church mission group or anything in-between, it’s available

Q. How long can we sell online?

A. You can sell online as long as you are running the traditional paper sale.

Q. What are the profits?

A. The profit to your group is 40% across the board, which is standard in the industry.

Q.Is our group required to sell online?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. When adding online sales to my paper sales will they potentially increase my overall profit?

A. Yes it will increase your overall paper sales, most probably to a higher profit level, however your on line sales will still only be 40%.

Q. I still have questions about selling online via email

A. If you have any questions please contact us at your convenience. We have solutions to help you make easy email fundraising sales.