Cheer Fundraising Email Letter

Cheer Fundraising Email Letter

Fundraising Letters for Cheer Groups – Cheer Fundraising Email Letter

Raising money for your cheer team isn’t an easy task. Whether you are doing a competitive cheerleading fundraiser or just raising funds for new uniforms, pom-poms and travel, this donation email template will help you.

This is a customized version of the basic fundraising email examples we shared with you. It’s just one example for cheer fundraising campaign ideas to raise money for their next competition.

Please remember, this is a donation letter template, so feel free to adjust it according to your needs.

Once again, per our tips regarding email fundraising ideas (link to article with same name), we encourage you to only send emails out to people on your list that you know and have a relationship with already.

Easy Cheer Fundraising Email Letter To Raise Money For Your Cheer Team

Dear Bob,

Our girls have done amazing this year. You would be so proud of them winning the district competition. They worked so hard and it showed in the competition.

This means that they are now off to the state finals. Can you imagine how excited they are? The girls will have to for pay their own transportation and accommodations, so we are holding a fundraiser to help them.

Our estimates to pay for a bus and lodging is $4,350 for the whole team. So far with a garage sale plus a car wash, the girls have raised $1,252.00. We still need help to come up with the $3,098.00 we are short.

Bob, you can help us to get these girls to the state finals. Your support can make a difference. We really need your help.Would you consider helping us in our mission here?

You can can look at some of the things our group is offering here.  I think you would love the treats in this cookie dough fundraiser.  You have to try the Macadamia nut cookie dough. It is AMAZING! The good news is that every tub is only $10 each.

Thank you so much for supporting us. Your help is appreciated and will go towards getting our girls to the state finals. We believe this trip will be a life changing event for them as it will give them the confidence they need to make a difference in

If you’re interested, then tell me what you want from the catalog. All you have to do is to send a check and we can order it for you.

Thank you again for your support.


Mary Jones

PTA Treasurer

Baldwin High School

How can you use this cheer team fundraising letter?

First, no one will ever read your cheer fundraiser letter… If you NEVER send it!

So, the best way is to just tell your story and get people involved emotionally. Then simply ask for their help. Get your cheerleading team and their families involved.

They say that the average person knows 200 people. You can now easily see how you can send a few thousand fundraiser emails out very quickly.

We hope this cheer fundraising letter was helpful to you. If we can be of assistance to you, then please reach out to us. A fundraising expert is standing by to answer all of your questions.

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