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Military Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

JROTC Fundraising Ideas – Make Money For Your ROTC & NROTC

Looking for some easy JROTC fundraising ideas?

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a federal program sponsored by the US Armed Forces in high schools and middle schools across the USA since 1916.

  • Army has AJROTC units
  • Air Force has AFJROTC units
  • Navy has NJROTC units
  • Marine Corps has MCJROTC units
  • Coast Guard has CGJROTC units

How Fundraising Supports JROTC Ideals

The goal of the JROTC is to help students enable cadets to better serve their country as leaders, as citizens, and in military service should they enter it. It does this through:

  • Developing discipline.
  • Developing self-reliance and responsiveness to all authority.
  • Improving the ability to communicate well both orally and in writing.
  • Developing citizenship & patriotism.
  • Developing a knowledge of team building skills and basic military skills.

Our fundraising programs will also help your cadets to build these core character traits.

ROTC cadets need to buy uniforms. Further, some ROTC units host an annual formal military ball, formal dinner and award ceremony. In addition, some units organize trips to visit US military bases during school breaks or attend summertime “leadership academies”. All of these things require funding. This is where our profitable fundraising products come in handy. In fact, you will love our ideas for JROTC.

Cadet fundraising using brochures

If you love the idea of a school fundraising program that requires no upfront costs and allows your JROTC cadets to earn up to 52% profit, then you will LOVE our brochure catalogs.

Furthermore, our brochures sell items that your friends and families will WANT to buy. Imagine how much money your school can raise selling cookie dough, gourmet popcorn or gift wrap? Yet this is just a drop in the bucket of what our fundraising catalogs offer.

Does the idea of free brochures and free shipping appeal to you? Then read on how we can help you.

10 Steps To Get Started Raising Money For Your Army JROTC Cadets

  1. First of all, it is important to get your company, battalion, and brigade on board with your fundraiser.
  2. It is also important to enlist the help of your superiors & respect the “Chain of Command”.
  3. Next, request your free fundraising kit here.
  4. Schedule your no strings attached consultation with a school fundraising expert.
  5. Select a creative fundraising idea from our list of wonderful catalogs.
  6. In addition, brainstorm with your fellow JROTC cadets on how to get the word out about your school fundraising event. Borrow from previous profitable church fundraising, cheer fundraising and sports fundraising ideas.
  7. You can also use social media, email, or call and visit everyone that you know and tell them WHY you are having this fundraiser promotion.
  8. Just as the US armed forces does daily drills, it is important to practice your pitch. The good news is that we offer FREE phone coaching. You will get all the training that you will need to succeed.
  9. Remember to say thank you! Good manners and follow-up will go a long way to make your customers happy. In addition they will be more inclined to buy AGAIN next year. So make sure to send thank you emails afterwards!
  10. Finally, build a fundraising thermometer to keep your cadets pumped up about your progress.

Additional Profitable JROTC Fundraising Ideas For Your High School Color Guard

These high profit fundraisers are sure to help your cadets raise funds.

They have been very profitable for high school baseball fundraisers, youth sports fundraisers, prom fundraisers as well as cheerleading fundraisers too. This means that these nonprofit fundraising ideas will also work for your youth group.

Some Final fundraising tips for your JROTC Unit

In conclusion, as you can see, our catalogs can help you to reach your fundraising goals. What makes sense for you to do now?

Why not pick up the phone to call us now? A fundraising expert will answer all of your questions for you. They will also share several easy JRPTC fundraising ideas with you.

So, how about calling now?

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