School Fundraising Ideas That Make The Most Money

School Fundraisers that Make the Most Money 

Find Fundraisers for Schools

Everyone is looking for school fundraisers that make the most money – we can help you find answers.  There are many ways to raise funds for your school. However, you probably want the kind of school fundraisers that make the most money— don’t you? After all, why would you want to spend countless hours planning a fundraiser event that does not raise the money that you need?  We offer the best school fundraisers that make the most money.
Please think about this seriously for a moment. Because PTA  & PTO forums are filled with stories of parents with good intentions that put on fundraising events that were not successful. Schools are in trouble— We have solutions.

List of why some fundraising programs do not work for school?

  1. Parents either failed to plan or did not give themselves enough time to plan and organize correctly.
  2. Parents have problems coming up with a fundraiser plan that has been proven to work for a school.
  3. The PTA did not have the resources required to pull off the fundraiser the way they would like.
  4. The school did not have a proven process to follow. So they made it up as they went along.
  5. Additionally, the fundraiser did not have enough profit margin to make it worthwhile.
  6. The teachers and parents could not get enough volunteers to support the school program.
  7. They didn’t get the students and their families excited about supporting the campaign.
  8. Finally, they forgot to thank their customers, volunteers, students, families and supporters in the past. So remember to show appreciation for  all of your volunteers. So remember to send a card or make a phone call.

Make money with our school fundraising events

On the other hand, you will find that our fundraising programs really work well. Why can you be sure? Please notice the following tips to help you organize your next event.
  1. Why start from scratch and try to figure this out yourself? After 50 years of testing we have a proven fundraiser model for students, schools and groups to use.
  2. No money out of pocket required to get started with these product sales ideas. This means your school will never have any upfront costs. In other words this is a 100% risk free fundraiser program for your PTO or booster club.
  3. Our brochures are excellent for both high school, elementary and middle school events.
  4. We only offer brochures that contain the products your friends and family love to buy and eat already.
  5. Not sure what product to sell? Our experts can guide you pick the best product based on your needs.
  6. Looking for ways to help inspiring school support? Then try our free prize incentive program. It ensures you will have plenty of students and volunteers supporting your next school event.
  7. Great profit margins. Did you know your school can earn up to 50% on almost everything in our brochures? That adds up quickly!
  8. Free coaching to ensure your success with our ideas. Our coaches will help remind you of all the stem activities required in spreading the word about your cause. From texting, posters, fliers, emailing, videos and social media. All of your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors will be sure to learn about how to support your schools need.
  9. Finally, remember to post your event online using facebook, twitter etc. Tell your friends and families everything about your special campaign.

Additional reasons why our school fundraiser ideas and programs actually work 

  1. As you organize your campaign be sure to come up with the big reason why you are raising funds. For instance, whether you are looking for donations for school supplies, Library books or new play ground equipment be sure to tell your story. Remember, people are more inclined to give if they know how the money is going to be used. Make your story simple so even a child can share it.
  2. Make a possible volunteer list. Include families, children, students, neighbors, coworkers and former alumni.
  3. Encourage parents to work with their children. Making fundraising part of a families fun day is a great way to encourage students, children, parents as well as the rest of the family too.
  4. Set up a friendly competition. For example, what if the class that raises more funds than the others wins a pizza party? This would encourage teamwork in reaching the schools financial goals.
  5. These work well in tandem with traditional school fund campaigns like selling a discount card, a lemonade stand,  car wash or school picnic.

We Know What You Need

What works best for a high school fundraiser might not operate in the same way for an elementary school fundraiser. And sometimes, it might. The key is to communicate with our team to find out what works best for you. Of course this will be based on when you’re interested in getting started. Here are several groups that we have helped meet and surpass their goals. Furthermore, we share how they were able to organize and achieve their goals.


Fundraising For Elementary school

Even grade school children can participate in these programs. They love the opportunity to win toys and games. Our prize incentive program can help everybody win.

Middle school event fundraising

Your 7th, 8th and 9th grade students love the after school sports programs you offer. Junior high school students will be happy to fundraise if they can keep their favorite sports, art and music programs.

High School fundraising

High School is a time for independence, self discovery, and more freedom. Students are excited to participate in activities to raise donations for programs that are important to them. However, they will want to know what’s in it for them. Incentives provided for students surpassing their individual goals can make the difference in your money raising efforts. How much of a difference? Traditionally, 20% of your students will sell more than the 80% of your items. So don’t be surprised, if your high sellers triple and quadruple donations because of this incentive program.

School Fundraisers that Make the Most Money for Band, Orchestra, and Chorus –

Music and arts programs are being cut off from federal funding in public schools. This means they need to lean more on fundraising for their needs. Many feel these music programs need more assistance than many of the others do. So, you can see why it’s important to get as many people involved as possible. Reaching out to small businesses, community arts centers and advocates for the arts will help you to reach your goals.

Booster Clubs

The purpose of a booster club is to raise money for the school. So, it makes sense to find out which school fundraising ideas will get community leaders to want to support their aims. Since booster clubs host fundraisers throughout the year, they should reach out to our team ASAP. This way they can find out what works best in all the seasons for their schools financial needs.

Sports Events That Raise The Most Funds

Sports programs are usually a school’s favorite to support. This is because of the revenue they generate for more educational programs. That doesn’t mean that teams don’t need help raising money too. On the contrary, money is needed for sports equipment, uniforms and travel expenses. Our sports fundraisers work best in tandem with community-centered fundraisers. So be sure to combine our brochures with other ideas like community flag football, car washes, and fun runs.


Parents will be your primary group of volunteers for raising money for daycare. So, it’s important to give families all the information they need to feel comfortable to volunteer and hit the ground running. Parents’ number one concern when it comes to volunteering for their children is:

  • Not having enough information about how the fundraiser works.
  • Not understanding WHY they are selling products to begin with.

The lesson for your school? Arm parents with that knowledge they need so your daycare can meet its monetary goals.

Host a Thon or Fun Run fundraising idea

Thons are a great way to raise money for any school. Whether you are running, walking, dancing, a color run or shooting baskets— hosting a thon may be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Low start up costs with thon, a fun run or color guard run.
  • It is very flexible to organize one. You can create a thon for any sport or activity you enjoy doing.
  • It is easy to get people to participate in a fun run or a thon.
  • Charge an entry fee or your participants can look for sponsorships.
  • For instance, you can have your participants look for sponsors to make donations for what ever they accomplish during the thon.

A thon is a great fundraising idea to combine with any product sales event you may hold. We have several suggestions below.

Restaurant Card ideas

Just supposed you reached out to all the restaurants in your area and told them you want to bring them business— And you would do it all for free?


What’s the catch?


  • They have to provide you with a buy one get one free coupon offer.
  • Get 12 and you have a winner on your hands.
  • Print up jumbo postcards with 6 coupons on front and 6 on the back.
  • Sell each card for $5 each.
  • Set your sales goal for your PTO families and students for your dining card event.


Hold a Shoe Drive ideas

Kids grow out of their shoes quickly, don’t they? What can you do with the old shoes? Instead of throwing out every shoe or sneaker that doesn’t fit anymore— Why not run a shoe drive?

Imagine getting paid for all of the shoes your students and volunteers donate?

And yes… This a shoe drive also works great in addition to any of the catalogs we carry in our program. Simply put a drive collecting old shoes and sneakers can help many families in need in your community.

Raffle ticket ideas

A time proven reliable way to raise funds is to hold a raffle and sell tickets.

  • Your volunteers and their families can donate prizes.
  • Local businesses in your community may also want to donate prizes too.
  • Furthermore you can purchase the gift out of the money raised from the tickets sold.
  • It is a popular money maker because the tickets can be sold for $5 or less. When you only charge a few bucks for your tickets you are more apt to get compliance and get donations.
  • These work well in combination to your catalog fundraiser at any other time of the year.

Top Brochures that Make the Most Money 

Many of our repeat customers keep these fundraisers as their go-to options, and there are many reasons why. Our top-performing fundraisers for schools are known for:

  • Rapid, high-yielding results.
  • Furthermore, our fundraisers are all risk-free. So, this means you don’t pay any up-front cost to get started.
  • High quality products your volunteers, supporters, students and their families will be proud to purchase.

You simply order our brochures and we send them to you. Give every volunteer their own brochure. Your customers pay for their purchases. You then place your orders, send the order forms back, and we fulfill shipments. It’s really that simple.


$10 Cookie Dough

Year after year, organizations choose this fundraiser for its high returns and popularity with participants. The flavors are some of the most popular around. Since you can earn up to 50% profit on each tub, you’re sure to reach your goals with this easy fundraiser. The flavors include snickerdoodle, white chocolate macadamia, triple chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and chunky chocolate chip.

NOTE: There is a reason why selling cookie dough is among one of the most popular fundraising ideas each year! It is a great alternative to selling scratch cards. It is both easy, fun and very popular.

Winter Wonderland Fundraiser

Some of the coolest gift wrap and presents are in this Christmas season fundraiser brochure. Cool, one-of-a-kind prints, and inexpensive gift items that can be difficult to find around holiday time. This can all be found in this one stop Christmas shop for everyone in the students family.

Snackin in the USA Fundraiser

This “best of all worlds” option excites people of all ages. It is highlighted by Mom’s Apple Pie Mix, which includes honey cinnamon peanuts, walnuts, raisins, and dried apple pieces. The diversity of flavors here make it a huge hit, and it also includes butter toffee peanuts, salsa-flavored trail mix, tropical fruit trail mix, and other traditional snacks. How much do you charge for this? It retails for only $8 for each of these classy snacks purchased. The profit? Up  to 50% for each sale your students sell to their families and your supporters.

When Should I Host My School Fundraiser?

August, September, and October are peak months for schools to  fundraise according to trade group Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers. Certain fundraisers are tailor made for specific times of the year. And that’s exactly what makes them huge hits with your potential sponsors. Additionally, there are other fundraisers that are great all year round. It’s a great idea to reach out to us so we can understand your needs and guide you in the right direction to reach your school fund raising goals.

Fundraisers for Schools

Schools generate $1.4 billion dollars through fundraiser companies annually. The majority of that revenue has been the result of traditional door to door fundraisers, but technology has proven that the tide is about to turn, and leaders are looking for more mobile-friendly means to stay in touch with their favorite causes. Email has become a 33% revenue generator for online fundraiser efforts. Another 33% is a direct result of Peer-to-Peer fundraising, which is leveraging your network to raise funds for you or on your behalf. The best tools for this style of fundraising are social networks.

So remember to post your event online using your favorite social media sites. Additionally you can upload updates, photos and videos of happy customers too.

Did you know that there are eco-friendly fundraisers?

The annual school fundraiser is becoming increasingly important due to a decrease in funding across the nation. It is true grants and donations are available from non-profit companies that work to preserve enrichment programs in schools. However, nothing comes close to old-fashioned crowd funding that is… door to door talking to neighbors. By combining traditional with the digital, parent and teacher organizations are going to greater heights to reach their schools financial goals. Ask us how we can help you get there.


Our clients represent all kinds of schools and school groups, from extracurricular activity coordinators and teachers to coaches and parents themselves. We asked them to express some of their most frequent concerns with school fundraising, and we address them below.

Does our school organization have to fulfill a minimum requirement of sales?

Yes. Each brochure fundraiser has a graduated commission step system. This means the more sales you make, the greater your percentage profit on your overall sales. The Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser, for example, allows your group to receive:

  • 35% for selling 200-350 bags of popcorn
  • 50% for selling over 500.

So in that instance, your PTO or school group would have to sell at least 200 bags of popcorn to receive a percentage.

Are orders delivered directly to those who order or to my school for distribution?

We deliver orders to your organization for you to distribute to your sponsors once shipments arrive. Our ordering forms make this simple to do. This is because we keep a field open for sponsors to write in their addresses and contact information.

Are product returns accepted?

We have a no-nonsense return policy. This means that we will replace any items broken, damaged, or missing pieces, with no questions asked! We only ask that you adhere to our 14-day return policy. We want every volunteer and donor of yours to know we stand behind our products!

What do I have to pay up front?

Absolutely nothing. We offer free shipping on our brochures, free brochures, free collection envelopes, and free ordering forms. Finally, we’ll even send you free product samples from your favorite brochure direct to your door if you are interested.

  • You benefit from our 50 years of experience.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our fundraiser products.
  • We are always ready to help you execute a successful school fundraiser.

In conclusion, give us a call at 800.645.6550 to find out more about our best school fundraisers that make the most money.