School Fundraisers

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School Fundraisers


There is quite a disparity in the amount of money that some schools raise when compared to others. While some inner-city schools may raise a few hundred dollars a year, more affluent school districts can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with school fundraisers. 

What is the difference? And what can we learn from it?

The differences come down to basically this:

  • Socio-economic differences in the demographics of the community. Simply put, affluent communities have more money to donate then poor communities.
  • Knowledge on how to put on They need  good fundraiser ideas for schools and daycare fundraisers ideas that will work for them.
  • And finally there is the availability of parents who are willing to get involved in helping their child’s school raise money. So many single parents are working two jobs and don’t have the time to help.
  • Works for elementary, middle and high school fundraisers too.

So what can be done about this school fundraisers problem?

There are three things that we can do.

  • Educate people on different ways to raise money for school. The fact is that not everyone has a good imagination when it comes to finding ways to make money. 
  • Exert positive peer pressure to get moms and dads involved in their child’s education. The more parents take an active role in their child’s learning, the better for everyone. The child wins, the school wins, and the community wins.
  • Look for ways to help inner school districts. There are examples of some PTAs from affluent areas that have donated some of the proceeds to help the children in poor school districts. This way everyone wins. Every child has the opportunity to participate in school programs, music and sports.

All schools need funds for sports teams, booster clubs, classes, staff salaries, and keeping the school in good financial shape. This is a task that brings the community together to better the quality of life for local schools.

How can fundraising zone help raise money for your school?

On the pages of our website you will find scores of school fundraisers that you can try in your community. Many of them are free, others are affordable. Many have found that often it is not a money problem when it comes to putting on a fundraiser event as it is a thinking problem.

When a PTA focuses on a specific fundraising goal, there’s always someone who knows how to make it happen. There are always people and local businesses who are willing to put up the resources to make their dream a reality.

The problem is not “what” to do or “how” to do it, but “WHO” can help us to do this. This is a total mind set shift for many parents and teachers alike. By focusing on “who” can help us, schools can raise the money that they need.

This is a total mind set shift for many parents and teachers. By focusing on “who” can help us, schools can raise the money that they need. As a result fundraiser miracles are happening like this all over the country.

This is where we can help. Besides having dozens of school fundraising ideas for you to brainstorm with, we have a beautiful selection of school fundraiser catalogs to help your PTA or booster club school raise the money you need.

Common questions regarding our school fundraisers brochures

  1. We don’t have a lot of money so how much will this cost us? The good news is that there are no upfront cost for your school. When you work with fundraising zone, we will send you everything you need to succeed. Including free brochures.
  2. What will we be selling? We always sell products that people like to buy and spend money on already. So think about gourmet snacks like popcorn, trail mix, cookie dough, etc. Other catalogs contain wrapping paper, bows and gifts for the holiday season.
  3. The people in our community don’t have a lot of money. So how much are the products we will be selling? The majority of the snack fundraising items are in the eight dollar to ten dollar range.
  4. How much money can our school earn? The more your school sells, the more they can raise. Your school can make up to 50% profit on every sale. With enough volunteers you can raise thousands of dollars this way.

The products sold on are guaranteed crowd-pleasers and is sure to make great profits. Products include Gourmet Popcorn, and Proportioned Cookie Dough.

Additional ideas for school fundraisers found on the web…

  • Pickleball fundraisers.
  • Crowd funding to help support inner city school fundraising needs.
  • 100 mile run around the school track. Get people to sponsor you for every mile. This can be used to help your school or raise money for cancer, etc.
  • Corn hole tournament and tail gate party.
  • You can also recycle Christmas trees for a small donation.  For instance, you can drop off your tree at the school, or you can have them pick it up from your place for $10 if you live in the community.
  • Additionally, you can do a “No shave” November fundraiser
  • Furthermore, you can try an All-you-can-eat-feasts.
  • Finally, try an HGTV style house flipping fundraiser for schools. Staff and students can help volunteer to do a lot of the grunt work.

Advertise my School Fundraiser

There is one last thing that you will need to do.

Advertise the event.

Who do you think is going to show up if they don’t know it’s happening? There are many ways to spread the word. The schools can make announcements about the event and hang flyers around the school. You can also hang up posters around town and maybe even get the word out in a local newspaper. Once all of this is done, you will have an entertaining and profitable event for both you and the community to enjoy!

Ready for a free consultation? In conclusion, we want to help you. Give Chris or Joe a call and they will be happy to share some of their best school fundraiser ideas, tips, suggestions and stories!

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