Girl Scout Fundraising Ideas

Girl Scout Fundraising Ideas – Easy Fun Simple

Girl Scout Fundraising Ideas – Easy, Fun, & Simple

The Girl Scouts are all about empowering girls with confidence, courage and leadership. The girl scouts of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

One way to help build those skills is by raising money for trips, activities and art supplies. However, before trying any easy Girl Scout fundraising ideas, it is important that they are in accord with the Girl Scout Rules.

So what are the rules for raising money for Girl Scouts?

Rule 1: First of all think of raising money and not simply fundraising. What is the difference? This is where rule # 2 comes in.

Rule 2: In addition, you must provide a service to others that you can be paid for.

Finally, this means that not all fundraisers QUALIFY to meet the Girl Scout Rules. For example, asking for donations, selling raffle tickets or holding a silent auction would not qualify.

Here is the good news… offers many Fun Girl Scout fundraising ideas that qualify

First, feel good that these ideas will work for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors & Ambassadors.

Here are a few money raising ideas that you can try.

  • Girl Scouts have been famous for selling cookies for many years. The official girl scout cookie drive only happens once a year. Have you ever thought of using some of these cookie dough fundraising ideas during another part of the year? This is good news because your troop earns up to 52% on every cookie dough order. Furthermore this is a perfect match for your troop since they already have a list of people that love eating cookies already!
  • Car wash fundraisers are a great way to provide a service and to raise money for your troops.
  • Yard sale fundraisers also work well for raising money.
  • Holding a gift wrap fundraiser works amazingly well. You can also provide a gift wrapping service to your customers.

Allow us to help you run your next Girl Scout Fundraiser

We make it really easy, fun and simple to do this.

  1. Pick a fundraising brochure idea to use.
  2. We will ship you all the free brochures you need to get started.
  3. Your girls collect orders.
  4. Send the order into us.
  5. Finally, deliver the merchandise to your customers.

The best part is that you pay for your product with the payments you receive up front. This means that you never have to use any money out of pocket.

After 50 years in the business, we have worked with many young ladies that have become great leaders in their communities partly due to the lessons they learned from fundraising.

We would love to help your Girl Scout Troop.

By the way, your girls safety is paramount to us. In fact, all of our fundraisers are safe for your girls to try.

Since you probably have a bunch of questions, why not give us a call right now? One of our experts would love to show you how easy this can be.

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