Candle Fundraiser Ideas

Three Profitable Candle Fundraising Catalogs


For your next event, sell aromatic candles to raise money. The fragrant candle fundraisers listed below are hand-poured in the United States, use lead-free wicks, and have a burn time of 75+ hours. Every candle fundraiser contains a nicely designed brochure with beautiful photographs of our products, ensuring that the candles will be easy to sell.

There is a good reason why we chose Heritage Candles over all the other companies offering candle fundraisers out there.

Holiday Collection Candles

Earth Candle CollectionSM

  • Retails $18 and $22 – This makes it affordable for almost everyone to buy one.
  • 40% High profit for your kids team or nonprofit organization.
  • Additionally these are full 12-15 ounces candles
  • Furthermore we offer free shipping – when you order 150 units.
  • Free full color candle catalogs.
  • 17 popular scents you will love.
  • Hand poured in the USA.
  • 75 hour burn time!
  • Read full details when you click on the brochure to the left.
  • Finally, it is 199% free to get started.

8 Ounce Spring CollectionSM

    • Only $14 retail – Candles are priced to sell quickly
    • 40% High profit for your school or organization.
    • Each candle is a full net 6 ounces in a grannie jar instead of a tin.
    • Free shipping – minimum order only 150 units.
    • No up front costs.
    • Free full color candle brochures.
    • Six delicious scents you will love.
    • Hand poured in the USA.
    • Long burn time!

Fundraising Zone makes It Easy To Host A Fundraiser with Candles!

  • It’s completely free to get started with these Heritage Candles brochures!
  • All candles are hand-poured in the United States and created with lead-free wicks.
  • We have candle fundraisers for all types of kids groups, including sports, schools, churches, and more.
  • They are adored by our customers and fans — so you will love them too!
  • On every sale, you make a 40% profit!


How does a candle fundraiser work?

It’s easy to get your candle fundraiser underway. Choose any candle program you like. If you need help we can help you select the best catalog based on your groups needs.

  • Next you will receive  free catalog for each of your volunteers.
  • Friends, family, close neighbors, and possibly coworkers will be asked to support your cause by purchasing one or more fragrant candles.
  • Additionally, Make sure they get the money up front and have the order-taker write down their name, phone number, and address.
  • Collect all order forms and money from your sellers after fundraising campaign is over, and place your bulk purchase with us.
  • You’ll pay us with the funds you’ve collected, and you’ll  get to keep 40% of what you’ve sold.
  • Normally you will receive your candle items in the mail within 2 weeks.
  • Finally, then it is up to you to get your volunteers to deliver them to their friends and families.


Fundraising Ideas and Tips For Your Next Event:

  • Make it a friendly competition by awarding the person or group that sells the most candles.
  • If your supporters love these candles as much as we think they will, consider holding a spring and fall fundraiser. Simply use the appropriate candle brochure.
  • Furthermore, ask local businesses to sponsor you. Perhaps they will match you for every candle you sell. Businesses can write off gifts to their customers as long as they cost under $25 each.
  • Additionally, see if small businesses in your community might be willing to donate a free product for your cause. For instance a restaurant might donate 10 free meals to get new customers. Then offer free dinner for two when you purchase 10 candles in bulk.
  • Finally, remember that success leaves clues. Find out who is selling the most candles and ask them what they are doing to achieve such success. Incorporate these ideas in your candle sales training for next years campaign.

Commonly asked questions about selling candles for your next campaign

  • How much profit can we earn? 40% on all candles sold. That means you earn $4.80 per candle sold.
  • Are these soy candles? No
  • Are the wicks made of lead? No. They are made of zinc, the industry standard for leadfree wicks.
  • Is it expensive to get started? You have no costs to begin. FZ mails you the catalogs at no cost to you. Simply pay for the candles you buy from the money you collect from your customers purchases.
  • There are many candle fundraising companies on the web like Pure Integrity and La Tee Da. Why should we pick Fundraising Zone? We have been helping nonprofits raise money for 50 years, Additionally, we have teamed up with Heritage Candle company. They are renowned for their Earth candles, Faith Candles and Wax Melt.
  • How does this compare to Yankee candle Fundraising? Yankee Candle no longer supports a funder raiser program. However, you will find this candle  program also provides a high quality candle with the profit margins you are looking for.
  • Do these make good church fundraising ideas? Yes. Churches have had a lot of success selling our granny jar candles.
  • Does this work for a football or baseball fundraiser? Yes! Every sport team can sell candles for the holidays. We find they work well as a winter holiday fundraiser.