Animal Fundraising Ideas

Animal Fundraising Ideas

Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

Looking for unique Animal shelter fundraising ideas?

These animal themed fundraisers can be used for dogs, cats or anything else that you take care of and feed.  Take your time to brainstorm a few animal shelter fundraising slogans to help your event be even more memorable.

You might have seen a few of these on some of the animal fundraising sites out there. However, you will enjoy our unique twist on some of these “oldies but goodies”.

Here are some of our favorite animal shelter fundraising ideas:

Team up with pet related local businesses

Think about all of the veterinarians, dog walkers, dog groomers and pet stores in your neighborhood. Have a brainstorming session on how you can help them to help you. Approach each of them and ask if they could offer a special deal to your donors. Then you and the local business can split the money earned.

Why would they do this? It is very expensive to do marketing for a new customer. In this way they get to keep all the money on the additional services and repeat visits your donors make in the future. This Humane Society fundraising idea works. (link to new humane society fundraising)

Sally Foster gift wrap fundraising

Do you think people buy presents for their pets during the holidays? You bet your boots they do! Try gift wrap fundraising as a way to generate money for your animal shelter. Here is our suggestion for the best gift wrapping fundraising company near you.

Sports Bark

Team up with a local sports bar or tavern & see if they will donate $2.00 for every beer during happy hour. They get new clients and can make up sales on selling appetizers.

Team up with a local restaurant

See if they will offer a percentage of sales on a “slow night” for all dinners purchased. Print up a certificate with the name of your animal shelter that offers 10% off their meal. This way the restaurant owner can see how many sales were generated by the fundraiser. The family gets 10% off their meal, the restaurant gets new patrons, and the shelter raises money to help offset its costs.

Animal shelter fundraising catalogs

You can use any of these fundraising brochures in combination with these Humane Society fundraising ideas offered here.

Remember, that as long as there is stress in this world, people will be eating cookie dough, chocolates and gourmet popcorn. You might as well make it convenient for them! Comfort foods like our cinnamon rolls fundraiser still work.

Pet food drive

Team up with the local supermarket. See if they will allow you to place a barrel in the front of the store for people to purchase and drop dog or cat food off.

Place signs about the pet food drive in the pet food aisle.

Hold a dog show

Everyone thinks their pet is the cutest. So you might as well tell them to put their money where their mouth is. Charge an entry fee and ask a local politician or celebrity if they will be the judge. You can sell food and drinks at concession stands.

Finally, remember that many shelters have had success by using crowd funding. Have you tried this yet? You might be surprised on how much money you can raise this way.

No matter which pet or dog themed fundraiser we share here, we suggest that you take the time to spread the word on social media. Remember if no one knows about your event, then they can’t support it!

We hope these unique animal fundraisers help you raise money for your local shelter.

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