Web Based School Fundraising Ideas

Web Based Fundraising

Web Based Fundraising

Who else is looking for some web-based fundraising ideas?

Are you using these 21st century web-based marketing tools to help you with your small group fundraisers?

Take your time and examine each one at a time. Think about how you can begin to use these web-based fundraising ideas. Either you keep up with technology, or are left behind by the other small groups competing for your fundraising donors.

Using web-based fundraising ideas on the internet

Thankfully, new INTERNET social media sites and fundraising platforms are popping up every day. How many of these are you using for social media fundraising?

Facebook: Millions of people spend countless hours on facebook every day. Some consider this website ADDICTIVE. Why not use this to your advantage? Tell your friends, family and co-workers all about your small group and why you are raising money. You can read some more facebook fundraising tips and ideas here.

Instagram: People love to share photos and videos, don’t they? If that is the case, your small group should be using instagram.

First, you can send photos of your fundraiser brochures. In addition, include pictures of the mouth-watering products you will be selling at your school fundraiser. Finally, include images that tell your story about why you are raising money for your small group, church or sports team.

Ready to learn more instagram fundraising tips for your small group? Then click here.

Here are a few additional online fundraising tips to try

Website: Does your small group have a fundraising website yet? There is no excuse not to have one. Find a way to make this a priority. A well designed website is the perfect vehicle to tell your story with words, images and video.  Furthermore, consider finding a way to make this your donation website too.

Finally, be sure to have a way for people to sign up to your email list on the first page.

Email: Is email dead? If you are a facebook fan then you might quickly say yes. However, the facts show something very different.

Did you know that people will send and receive 269 billion emails per day this year, with an expected 3.7 billion email users worldwide by the end of the year?

Are you taking advantage of this overlooked web-based fundraising tool?

(Start building an fundraiser email list today ) because it will be one of the most profitable things you have ever done.

Next, be sure to tell your story by email. And finally, include a link to your website, social media profiles, and on-line brochure. WE also suggest that you think seriously about starting an email newsletter to keep in touch with your donors and volunteers.

In conclusion, these web-based fundraising ideas are free to implement.

Looking for some free training on how to begin using these school fundraising tools? Then just hop onto youtube.com because there are dozens of free “how to” videos just waiting for you to digest. When you are ready to pick out a fundraising brochure, then give us a quick call.  We would love to help your small group succeed.

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