How To Plan An Easy School Fundraiser

how to plan an easy school fundraiser

How to plan an easy school fundraising event?

In this article on how to plan an easy school fundraiser, we will share five steps that will guarantee your success in raising the most money for the school.

Please do not skip any of the steps. After 50 years in this business, we know what works for schools like yours. Each step counts, so please trust us as your school fundraising coach. We have your best interest at heart and we want you to succeed.

1. Contact the school fundraising Expert at 1-800-645-6550.

Fundraising ChecklistFeel free to ask all your questions about school fundraising. Please address every one of your worries and concerns because we want you to feel 100% comfortable about using fundraising as your school fundraiser company.

During your free coaching call we will help you choose the perfect fundraising brochure for your school. Perhaps it will be this popcorn fundraiser brochure.

So this was the first step of the five steps to easy school fundraisers. What do you think? Pretty easy so far?

2. Receive your brochures.

As soon as we hang up the phone we will prepare your fundraising brochures to ship to you.

Additionally, we will create a custom parent letter just for your school. This letter will make it easy for parents to support your school.

Furthermore, we will send free collection envelopes at the same time. And finally, we will explain the free prize incentive program to help your school sell the most fundraising merchandise.

3. Now it’s time to get the word out about your school fundraising event.

spread the word on social mediaIn this third step you need to promote your school fundraiser.

Be sure to print off enough parent letters to send home with each child. Additionally, you can use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to tell everyone in your community about your fundraising event.

Furthermore, encourage the students and parents to do the same on their personal social media pages.

And finally, use texting and email to alert friends and family about the reason why you are raising money for your school. It is also important to train the students to show the brochure to everyone they meet.

4. Collect your orders and send in payment for your fundraiser merchandise.

What makes this an easy fundraiser for schools is that you pay no upfront costs to participate in this program.

We can afford to do this because you will be collecting payment upfront from your customers. So be sure to use the order form and keep good records.

To earn the most money for your school we suggest that you collect all the forms and send them in at one time. We will handle everything else from there.

We told you we would make this easy for you!

5. Receive your fundraising merchandise.

After we tally up your order, we will arrange for shipping the product to you.

As soon as you receive the cookie dough, popcorn or wrapping paper that customers ordered, distribute the products to your students for delivery.

We will also ship out the prize incentives your hard-working students earned. We suggest you keep a record of all the names of your customers so you can repeat this next year.

There you have it! 5 steps on how to plan an easy school fundraiser event.

We hope you found this information is helpful.

Furthermore, we promise there are no strings attached or silly surprises. We don’t like to play games. After all, our goal is to work together with your PTA or PTO for many years to come.

Therefore, this is why we make it an easy process for you. We want to earn the right to be your favorite school fundraising company.