Yearbook Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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Easy Fundraising For Yearbooks

Looking for easy yearbook fundraisers?

Let’s be honest. Planning a yearbook takes time, so you don’t want to wait until graduation is just around the corner to begin. The cost to print yearbooks increases every year and can get very expensive rather quickly. That is why you need to consider some of our best high school yearbook fundraising ideas.

After 50 years of helping with school fundraisers, we understand what works. Many parents and teachers will agree that our fundraising catalogs are great for raising money for junior high & high school yearbooks.

Our Best Yearbook Fundraisers Include Fundraising Catalogs

Yearbook committees are looking for ways to raise money. Why not sell the kinds of things that high school seniors love to eat and drink?

  • Coffee fundraisers
  • Cookie dough fundraisers
  • Gourmet popcorn fundraiser
  • Trail mix fundraiser
  • Candy fundraiser

Good news:

Many of our school fundraisers sell merchandise in the $7 – $10 range. This means that many of your students and their families will be happy to support it.

Furthermore, your yearbook committee earns up to 50% on every sale. You can then use the money to offset yearbook production costs.

How much does it cost? How does FREE sound to you?

The secret is that you charge your customers in advance for their products. Then you only pay for what you sell and keep the rest as profit.

Are you getting curious yet?

How to make money for yearbooks – 5 Easy Steps!

So, how do you make money for yearbooks?

There are only 5 simple steps to raise enough money to pay for yearbook printing and shipping costs. And yes, they will also serve as middle school yearbook fundraising ideas. PTO’s and PTA’s will love the simple process we have perfected for yearbook fundraisers.

  1. When you call 1-800-645-6550, one of our specialists will walk you through the process of finding the ideal school fundraiser catalog for your yearbook. They will also take as much time as you need to answer your questions. We make it easy to sign up right here.
  2. How many students are in your graduating class? Make sure to order enough FREE catalogs so every student has one. By the way, you will also receive free parent letters, collection envelopes, and an awesome prize program too.
  3. Shout it from the roof tops! Use email marketing and social media to get the word out. We also encourage you to set up a Facebook page for your yearbook fundraisers as well.
  4. Whether you are selling cookie dough or gourmet popcorn, collect your orders and send in your payments.
  5. We will ship the product for free when you make the minimum order required. Depending on your sales, your school can earn up to 52% profit to go towards your yearbook costs. All you have to do is to deliver your products to your customers.

More Ways To Make Money For Yearbook

Here are a few additional creative fundraisers to raise money for yearbooks this year.

Yearbook staff all over the country have had success with these fundraising ideas. Feel free to mix and match these suggestions.

Best Friend Pictures

These are also known as “buddy pictures.” This allows students to pay a premium to put pictures of them with their friends in the yearbook.

Yearbooks are a great way to save cherished memories. Why not give your students a chance to insert their favorite moments? This can be very profitable for the school, and go a long way in raising money to pay for the yearbook.

Yearbook Marketing Ideas: Selling Ads

Many of the students have parents that have their own business. This gives them an opportunity to put a coupon sized advertisement in the yearbook to advertise their business. Some schools may even offer a commission to students that sell advertising space to local neighborhood businesses. Simply put, ad sales work.

  • Here is a tip: Check LAST year’s yearbook. The businesses that bought an ad last year may also be interested in running one this year .
  • Here is another tip: Poll the students to see where they like to spend their own money. Make a list of these local businesses. Then take the results of your poll and talk to the business owners. Ask them to put together a special offer or coupon for your students. Tell them that if they pay for a yearbook advertisement, then you will interview them in the school newspaper for free. Make it easy for the business owner to advertise in your yearbook.
  • One final tip: Most ads give the name of the business and don’t give a reason for the readers to call them. Instead of the same old boring ad, why not use the special offer they created for your students? Turn it into a redeemable coupon and run that as the ad. Your advertiser will be happy when their phone rings with new business.

Parents Honoring Students

Many parents are proud of their students and would love to pay for a photo honoring their son or daughter. You might be surprised how many parents would be interested in doing this. In their personal ad, they can tell their child how proud they are of them.

Fundraiser For Yearbook Staff: Open A School Breakfast Center

This is a great fundraiser for yearbook staff to try.

Let’s get something straight here, because we are not talking about your normal standard school breakfast program. Instead, we mean selling things that taste good and the students will gladly buy with their own money. Some schools have had success letting the students sell refreshments for a half hour before class starts everyday. You can sell coffee, pastries, muffins, soda and power drinks. By doing this consistently, your senior class could raise a few thousand dollars at the end of the year to help with graduation pictures and school yearbooks,

You can also extend your breakfast cantina on the day you shoot graduation pictures and hand out the yearbooks to the students. This way you can sell refreshments while they are waiting in line. Furthermore, on yearbook distribution day, you can sell pens for $1.00 each so the students can sign each other’s books.

How can your school sports team help you raise money for your yearbooks?

Here are a few ways to generate even more money for your yearbook photos with your school baseball team, football team, and basketball team.

  • Take team photos. You can sell these to the team members and the fans. Have the entire team sign the photo and sell copies of that too. This is a great high school memorabilia opportunity.
  • Tell all of the school sports teams that there is only room for one sports team photo in the year book. You can have each of the teams compete against each other for this spot. Charge a $5.00 fee for every team member. If there is a lot of interest, you can put more than one team photo in the yearbook.
  • Remember collecting baseball cards as a kid? Every kid imagined themselves on their very own baseball card. Now you can make this dream come true. Sell baseball, football, and basketball card photos. Use your imagination and sell cheer and dance team card photos too. Students can buy sports card photos of their favorite players too.
  • Have a school photographer take photos at the game. Action shots during memorable school games could make nice photos that the students would be glad to purchase. Furthermore, they can be used to make a sports team calendar that could be sold for a profit.
  • Take all of these sports team photos and put them on CD’s to make even more money.
  • You can also sell the pictures on a thumb drive or a flash drive too.

Some final school yearbook fundraising ideas

In addition, the yearbook staff at many schools have also employed more traditional school fundraising ideas like a car wash, bake sale, having a hat day, and garage sales to raise funds.

Others have tried scratch card fundraisers, discount card fundraisers, and flower bulb fundraising to raise some money.

Furthermore, some students have tried online fundraising ideas using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In conclusion, we hope these yearbook fundraising ideas and tips will help you. Please remember to check out the many profitable yearbook fundraising catalogs we have to offer.

What is the perfect fundraiser for your senior class?

Well, that depends on what your objectives are. If your goal is to make a lot of money, then be sure to include one of our catalog fundraising events because there are no upfront costs to your school. We would be happy to help you pick the perfect fundraiser for your school.

There are so many common questions people ask us. We promise to answer them all for you when you call.

Finally, are you ready to get started?

Please call us now or send us a note on the contact form above. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start implementing these school yearbook fundraising ideas.

We look forward to making your school event a success!

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