Catholic School Fundraising Ideas

catholic school fundraising ideas

Catholic School Fundraisers

Catholic School Fundraisers That Help you Raise Funds

Catholic school fundraisers are a necessary evil (excuse the pun).

We understand that parochial schools are supported through tuition payments, donations, and fund raising charities. That means Catholic school fund raising is a regular part of the school year for over 2 million students that attend 6,980 schools in the USA.

In fact we recognize that some smaller private Catholic Schools might even have to close unless they get the fundraising support they need.

We want to help you reach your financial goals because we know our church fundraising events will work. offers a no-risk solution for your school and we offer a full line of programs for catholic schools and other faith-based private and public schools.

In fact, we have been working with Catholic schools for over 50 years – that means we can help you too. Whether your looking at 1st grade, 6th grade students or high school students, these fundraising tips and programs will work.

We Are Not Asking You For Blind Faith Here On A Church Fundraiser.

A leap of faith…. Yes.

We want an opportunity to help support your religious education schools.

But certainly not blind faith. In fact we encourage you to look through the many testimonials from schools all over the country that count on our help year in and year out.

We also have the experience and know how to provide you with a brochure fundraising option that will bring you the profits you need.

In fact, we have serviced the needs of many Catholic schools over the years – and we will be there to service the needs of your Catholic school as well.

To view all of our catholic school fundraiser brochures we suggest you take a look at our full list of catalog options.

In addition, we know that family and community is important to the Catholic faith, isn’t it?

That is why you will love our brochure options because your family and friends will absolutely love the products. As your partner, we can take this journey of faith together.

Options for Catholic School Fundraisers

If you are involved or responsible for choosing the brochure or direct sale candy fundraiser for your Parochial school, Montessori school, or religion-based school, then you will find our line of brochure fund raisers or candy fundraisers have the answers.

If you would like to contact us, please give us a call at 800.645.6550 and one of our staff will assist you!

Fundraising for your Catholicism based school or religion-based school is a never-ending process, whether it’s for school trips, sports teams, benefits, playgrounds, school dances, proms, or talent night events–we have profitable ideas to help you.

The best part of running a brochure fundraiser is that they are all totally risk free.

Please click here to request a 100% Risk-Free Catholic School Fundraising Kit today and see how we can help you raise the money you need for your school.

Catholic School Fundraising Ideas and Programs

Our line of fundraising catalogs include a variety of products such as Cookie Dough, Gift Wrap, Caramel Popcorn and candy fundraisers.

Additionally, we take deep pride in developing and maintaining our relationships with our Catholic school clients. We manage every aspect of their fundraiser.

Please review our line of catalog fundraising options because they have raised money for schools all over the country just like yours.

More Parochial School Fund Raiser Ideas To Try

Here are a few more youth group fundraising ideas for your school.

1- Have a community yard sale. Encourage all of the students and the families to participate. Set up flyers in your neighborhood. Be sure to announce it on Facebook too.

2- Have a team car wash. This is a great sports fundraising idea for your school. The students get exercise, your neighbors get a clean car, and you get to use the money for your sports program.

3- Have a bake sale. People love to eat goodies at bake sales. Invite the parents to participate and tell your high school students to come with an empty stomach!

4- Furthermore, you can hold a silent auction. Some of your student’s parents own small local businesses. Why not reach out to them? Ask if they are willing to donate a product or service to be auctioned or raffled off. The more items you get the better!

You will love our church fundraising events

So, imagine enjoying a church fundraiser that:

  • You earn up to 52% profit on each sale.
  • Your school gets free brochures and envelopes.
  • Is 100% risk free to your religious school.
  • Requires NO UPFRONT COSTS.
  • Provides fundraising coaching to ensure your event is successful!

Whether you chose our Snackin in the USA, gourmet snacks or gourmet popcorn we will help you to find the perfect fundraiser for your churches school.

In conclusion, we encourage you to contact us directly to request a free fundraising kit for your catholic school. We have been in business for 50 years and we’ll be here to assist you.

If you would like to discuss your catholic school fundraising ideas or if you have questions, then please contact us directly at 800.645.6550.

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