Best School Fundraising Catalogs

Best School Fundraising Catalogs

Best School Fundraising Catalogs

Everyone wants to use the “best school fundraising ideas” catalogs. After all, your school wants the best return of their time, energy and money, right?

These brochures can help you to raise money for your school sports team, band, library, orchestra, cheer, dance & gymnastics team.

Furthermore, these tips will help you raise the most money for your favorite local charity fundraisers too.

So whether you are raising money for your elementary, middle or high school, you will find that these catalogs make great choices.

Joanne of Carmel High School said, We worked with for the first time in the spring. We earned around $1500.00 – excellent results for our sized group. We are already signed up for fall. Thanks guys…”.

This is just one of many testimonials of successful catalog fundraisers we have received over the years. We look forward to hearing about your successful event. We always love to here stories from students parents and faculty.

So, which one of our best catalog fundraiser ideas will you try first?

Elementary school fundraising ideas that work

After 50 years in this business we have many elementary school fundraising ideas to share with you. If you have any questions we are here to help.

Holiday Collection Fundraising Catalog

Since people are in a festive mood in the holiday season, you might as well supply them with all of the gift wrapping paper they need.

This catalog has a wide assortment of wrapping paper for every occasion. But that is not all… It includes gift ideas for mom, dad and the kids too.

You will be delighted with all of the beautiful items in this catalog. Your school can earn up to 50% on each sale with this catalog.

Magazine Fundraising Catalog

People love to read their favorite magazines, don’t they?

Well, they might as well buy them through you and support a good cause at the same time. Reach out to your local doctor and dentist offices that offer magazines in their waiting rooms. Did you know that some doctors may order multiple subscriptions to the most popular magazines?

Sports Illustrated, Time, People… They are all available here for as low as $10 each. This is a huge discount over buying them one at a time at the news stand. You earn up to 50% with our magazine fundraiser catalog.

Candy Fundrasing Catalog

This is an old favorite. People enjoy indulging themselves with chocolate candy. At times this may cause remorse afterwards… But now they can feel good about eating chocolate because they are supporting your school!

With dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter, English toffee & caramels… You can see there is something delicious for everyone here.

Learn how to earn up to 50% with our candy fundraiser catalog.

Shoe drive

You and I may take having money for new shoes for granted. However, there are many children that have no shoes. So, how can your school help? Next time when you get new shoes, don’t throw your old shoes out. Instead, donate them to someone else that can use them.

Think about this. What if every child brought in a gently used pair of shoes that don’t fit any more? Your elementary school could certainly help out a lot of children with a shoe drive!

Middle school fundraising ideas

Your seventh and eighth graders will enjoy these best school fundraising ideas for middle school students.

Popcorn Fundraising Catalog

This is one of the best fundraising catalogs we have because everything is only $7.00 each. You will enjoy caramel corn drizzled with chocolate, Mowy Wowy & Hokey Pokey. You can read about them here.

Your school earns up to 50% with this popcorn fundraiser.

Colossal 12″ Cookie Fundraising Catalog

Imagine holding a 12″ chocolate chip cookie or brownie in your hands. You will need a gallon of milk to eat this big thing!

Each item is only $12 and is ready to warm and serve. It also includes a free carry bag. By the way you can earn up to 50% on each sale with this fundraiser.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Catalog

This has almost every cookie dough you can imagine. Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, & pumpkin pie spice… We have it all.

The cookie dough is so fresh that it arrives packed in dry ice. Each tub contains 2.7 lbs of awesome cookie dough.

Your school will be earning up to 52% profit depending on how many cookie dough tubs you sell.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

The latest fundraising craze is crowdfunding. Many middle schools have had success with getting people to donate for a specific project this way. There are many crowdfunding or crowdsourcing websites to help you to do this.

High school creative fundraising ideas

Your seventh and eighth graders will enjoy these best school fundraising ideas for middle school students.

Bulb & Seed Fundraising Catalog

Come spring time, your thoughts naturally go outdoors.

Whether you are a homeowner or in an apartment, this catalog will help you get back to nature. Flower mats, tree rings, as well as butterfly & hummingbird saddlebags to hang on your porch or deck. Earn up to 50% while beautifying your local neighborhood.

School Sports Team Fundraising Catalog

Help your local community to support your local sports teams.

Think about your team logo on sweat shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags & water bottles. We will even design a custom flier for your team to help you sell your team brand.

You will be proud to wear these top quality brand named items. This catalog is great for raising money for new sports equipment & to cover transportation costs for future competitions.

Snackin in the USA fundraising Catalog

Did you know that this has been one of the “Top Selling” brochures over the past five years?

Imagine getting 31 delicious choices… Peanuts, pretzels, trail mix, cashews, malt balls etc. Each and everyone is delicious.

The good news is that many of these start at only $7.00 each, making this affordable to your customers.

This is a risk-free program because there is no cost to set up this fundraiser. PLUS, your school receives free brochures & free shipping.

Talk to a school fundraising catalog expert to see how your school can earn up to 50% on each order.

Cell phone Recycling

Young people like to get the latest phones as soon as they come out. What will you do with your old cell phone. Many people stick them in a drawer. In fact, most people probably have at least one old phone at home.

How can you raise money this way?

Run a used cell phone fundraiser. You can resell the popular brand mobile phones on craigslist or ebay. You can donate the others to help those less fortunate than you. This can become a very profitable school fundraiser for you.

Peer to peer fundraiser

Peer to peer fundraisers get your friends, family and business colleagues involved in fundraising. It is also described as peertopeer fundraiser, p2p fundraising, social fundraising, personal fundraising or team fundraising. The idea is to use your social network and your friends network to get to know as many people as possible. The more people you know… The greater chance you will find supporters. This is becxause people like to help people that they like! The peer to peer fundraising priciple works very well with any fundraising brochure you may choose.

Matching Gifts Fundraiser

There may be businesses in your community that are willing to offer matching gifts for your school. How does this work? A local business may offer to match whatever donation your school can raise. For example, a business that says they will match what ever your school raises up to $2,500. Would that motivate your PTA to work hard? You bet it would!

School Fundraisers That Make Alot Of Money

You want to choose a fundraiser for school that allows you to earn the most money possible. The good news is that top fundraising catalogues can help you to do that. The reason is that you can get started for free. So take a look at some of these school fundraisers that make the most money.

High Profit Fundraisers For Schools

How does 50% profit margin sound to you? Imagine selling a $7 bag of popcorn that pays your school $3.50! The secret is that the more your school sells the more money your school makes. It is a sliding commission scale that starts at 30% and goes all the way to 50%. In fact, you can even earn an additional 2% bonus. Talk to a fundraising expert to find out how.

Unique school fundraisers

Looking for some unique school fundraisers?

Our blog is full of them. Try these unique fundraisers on for size.

Bonues tips: Talk to local businesses and ask for items they can donate for your fundraiser. You can use these items in a silent auction. Furthermore, you can sell raffle tickets to win these prizes. Many schools have incorporated these ideas during their fundraising drives.

By the way, this works great for charity auctions too. So, if your school is interested in supporting a local charity or non-profit than you should try this idea.

School Fundraising Ideas No Selling

No body likes to sold. Many other people don’t think selling is fun either. That is why you will love our fundraising catalogues.


It is because our fundraiser brochures only feature items that people like to buy! So stop selling. And start helping people buy the things they love! How does that sound to you?

Think about this for a moment.

Your friends and family are going to buy these items anyway at the store. So, they might as well buy them from you, right?

Remember, when they buy something– your school wins!

Best School Fundraising Companies

There are many school fundraising companies out there. Choose a company that doesn’t require any money up front! For example, here at you get everything you need to have a successful school fundraising event for free. Talk to a fundraising expert to find out everything you get free when you decide to work together.

In conclusion… What is the best school fundraising idea?

So what is the answer? What is the BEST school fundraising ideas and catalogs?

The answer is that it depends on your school and your needs. The truth is that all of these are effective at raising money for your school.

We offer a free fundraising coaching session to help you find the perfect school fundraiser.

We also have fundraiser checklists available to make sure your event goes smoothly as possible.

So, why not reach out to one of our fundraising experts at 1-800-645-6550 right now to answer all of your questions?