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Ping Pong Ball fundraising ideas For School

Fun Ping Pong Ball Fundraising Ideas For School Fundraisers

Are you looking for some fun school fundraisers to raise money at your school? Maybe it’s time to break out the ping pong balls! No, we are not talking about playing traditional table tennis. Instead, we are suggesting using these ping pong ball fundraising ideas from schools around the country.

So take some notes and see how you could apply these for yourself.

Ping Pong Ball fundraising ideas From Idaho Middle Schools

It turns out that the Canfield Middle School of Idaho has a ping-pong drop each spring. Furthermore, it’s so popular they have done this for the last two years.

How does it work?

  • The Kids sell ping pong balls for $5 each. This is a great markup as you can buy these for as cheap as 20 cents each on Amazon.
  • Additionally, a local business donates a crane to help out.
  • What happens next? Finally, the principal, dressed in a costume, drops the balls  from 40 feet up in the air. Small cash prizes go to the closest and farthest ball.

Is it profitable? You bet your boots! They make about $5,000 off that fundraiser each year.

How does this sound so far?

Incentive tips: How do you get the students to sell more balls? 

  • First of all, kids who sell 10 balls get out of class and get to watch the drop.
  • Additionally, they get a free snow cone.

Ping Pong Ball fundraising ideas From Greenville North Carolina

This fundraiser was put on by the city of Greenville to benefit the United Way of Pitt County.

How does it work?

  • They sold ping pong balls at city hall for only a $1.00 a piece.
  • Additionally, when you buy your ball they write a number on it.
  • 700 balls were hoisted up in a bucket truck and dropped from 30 feet in the air
  • The three balls that landed closest to the target earned cash prizes from $100 to $150 dollars each.

How did they pick up the other ping pong balls? Kids earned a free Chick-fil-A kids meal coupon for helping to pick them up.

Ping-Pong Panic A Fun School Fundraising Idea from Ontario

At Monsignor Doyle Secondary School, they put on a ping pong panic.

What is that ?

  • It took approximately six weeks to plan the event.
  • They sold ping pong ball numbers for $1 .00 each.
  • Additionally, each ball had a number along with the purchaser’s name.
  • Furthermore, the people that bought a ball had a chance to win a T.V, stereos, disc players, etc.
  • All balls were suspended in mesh near the ceiling over the basketball court in their gym. On the gym floor were 12” colored circles with a prize name on the bottom of each one.
  • Finally, 700 ping pong balls were dropped when the count-down hit zero. 

So, how did the school fundraising event turn out? How does 2000 balls sold sound to you?

Have you done the math yet?

$10,000 smackeroos!

They awarded many prizes that day. So, you can imagine how much fun the fans enjoyed.

We hope you enjoyed these ping pong fundraising ideas for schools. If you are looking for more fun school fundraising ideas then check out our website.