Fundraising Ideas For Kindergarten

Interview of daycare fundraiser ideas with Joe Wolpin

The best kindergarten fundraiser ideas

You are reading this now because you were searching for the best fundraising ideas for Kindergarten.

Perhaps you are a kindergarten teacher or a member of the PTA. Many of you are concerned about the children whose families can’t afford even the most basic school supplies needed.

Others of you are spending money out of your own pocket to pay for art and crafts supplies. Furthermore, with school budget cuts, everyone is scrambling to find ways to make up the difference.

So, it comes down to this…

If you don’t do something, no one else will. In the end, it’s the children that suffer and pay the price.

We all agree how important education is for our children. No one knows that better than a kindergarten teacher. You have the opportunity to help instill the love of learning in young hearts and minds.

So how can you raise money for the school supplies that your children need?

Best Fundraising Ideas for Kindergarten

The best fundraiser ideas for kindergarten are those that your community will support. After 50 years as a school fundraising company, we have helped PTA and PTO members raise the money they need to help their students.

What do we suggest?

Hands down, it would have to be fundraising catalogs. So, why do we think this is one of the best fundraising ideas for kindergarten?

First of all, this is a proven fundraising event for kindergarten students.

Let’s face it. You are busy already. As a parent or a teacher, do you really have time to figure this out on your own? Most teachers and parents love the idea of a proven step-by-step system for them to follow.

How does this kindergarten fundraising program work?

  • First of all, It all starts with a no “strings attached” kindergarten fundraising event brain storm session. We will talk by phone and learn about your Fundraising goals. Tell us about what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past. Furthermore, tell us how much you are looking to raise.

  • Next, together we will choose the perfect kindergarten fundraiser catalog for you. Whether you select our popular cookie dough fundraiser, popcorn, coffee or gift wrap, you will notice that all of our catalogs have one thing in common. We only sell fundraising items people love to buy already. Can you see how this will help you to raise the most money?

  • Once you tell us how many students you have, we will send you your fundraising brochures.

  • Show them to your friends and family. Additionally, we can not stress how important it is to tell them WHY you are selling this fundraising merchandise. Furthermore, you will sell more when your customers can see how they can make a difference and help the children.

  • Collect payment up front. Send us your order and your kindergarten students get to keep the difference.

  • Finally, we will ship your fundraising products out ASAP. By the way, ask us how to qualify for free shipping so you can keep even more of your money!

Why should you choose to be your kindergarten fundraising company?

  • With 50 years in this business we have worked with thousands of elementary schools just like yours.
  • You have no upfront costs to get started. There is no money out of pocket for your school. Simply put, this is a risk-free fundraiser for your school because we will never ask for any money from you before you begin.
  • These fundraising ideas for kindergarteners can earn you up to 52% on every sale, because the more you sell, the more you earn.
  • Free brochures, envelopes and training.
  • You can learn more about why so many kindergarten teachers choose us as their top fundraising company here…
  • In conclusion, we invite you to read these success stories…

Prove to yourself that it is worth the time to make a phone call. Let’s chat and see how we can help you to raise the money you need.

Finally, we promise to share our best fundraising ideas for kindergarten with you.

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