Yearbook Fundraisers

Yearbook Fundraisers

Yearbook Fundraisers for your School 

Your school will have yearbook fundraisers of course! With a little planning you can be very successful. Of course, if you would like some assistance we would love to lend a helping hand. Whether you are at a public school or a private school,  our free tips for creative fundraisers  can help you for all types of yearbooks.

Years after your students graduate they will be able to look back on their school days fondly through the pages of their yearbook. That is why it is essential to start planning immediately because laying out a school yearbook can take months. From hiring a photographer to having a picture day takes a lot of work. And this doesn’t even cover all of the behind-the-scenes from laying out your yearbook spreads to having it printed.

That is why we suggest planning your fundraisers immediately to raise money for yearbook printing.

High School Yearbook Fundraisers Using Catalogs and Brochures

Looking for some good yearbook fundraising ideas?

After 50 years in the business we have assembled what we believe to be some of the best fundraising brochures and catalogs in the business. In fact our brochures are just perfect for yearbook fundraising.

So much to choose from

You will love the idea that there are so many different fundraising brochures to choose from. From cookie dough to gift wrapping paper to sports fundraising with school team shirts, we have something for everyone.

Which fundraising brochure should you pick to raise money for your yearbook?

Here is something to think about.

People like to treat themselves to sweet things, don’t they? High school teenagers especially love to eat sweet things. (Probably more than they should!) Since people are always looking for a reason to treat themselves, why not offer them something sweet to eat?

Many times the seniors in high school are your best customers because they are working already and have expendable cash burning a hole in their pocket. In fact, supporting your fundraising activity by purchasing some goodies is a noble thing for them to do.

Here are just a few:

How much money can we earn for our Yearbook?

That is entirely up to you. It all depends on how much your graduating class supports your school fundraising event. The more you sell, the more your graduating class will earn. In fact, depending on the size of your order, you could earn up to 52% profit. Think about how that could help to defray your yearbook printing costs.

Will this work for our school?

We have helped hundreds of schools raise money for yearbooks for the last 50 years. In fact, why don’t you read some of the letters from the happy schools we have worked with?

How does this yearbook fundraising program work?

We have a very simple 5 step formula to help you succeed.

The first step is to order a fundraising kit. You can get your free kit here.

Next, contact us for a risk-free yearbook fundraising consultation. You can ask any questions you want and we will be delighted to answer them.

Finally, remember you pay NOTHING in advance. You only pay for what your students sell. In fact, you can use the money that you collected for orders to pay for your merchandise.

Why not give us a quick call at 1-800-645-6550?

Our friendly fundraising experts are standing by to share free tips to help your future yearbook fundraisers succeed.

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