Class of 2021 Fundraising

Fundraising With T Shirts

Class of 2021 Fundraising Ideas 

Hey there future graduates! We know this special day can not come fast enough for you. That is why it is a great idea to hold a Class of 2021 fundraiser right now.

We hope these Class of 2021 fundraising ideas will get your creative juices going!

Buy a t-shirt to support the class of 2021

One of the best ways to keep your eyes on the finish line is to sell and wear T-shirts that say “Class of 2021”. Every time you see or wear this shirt, it will encourage you to keep hitting the books until you graduate.

A tee-shirt fundraiser is a great way to raise money for the graduating class. It can be used to raise money for yearbook printing or to raise funds for your senior class trip.

How does Spirit Shirt Fundraising Work?

  1. Get everyone in your middle school involved. Consider perhaps even involving other schools in the school district. Use the central school district staff directory to reach out to the appropriate parties to see if there is any interest in working together on this project.
  2. The first thing to do is to have a logo design contest for your class of 2021 shirt.
  3. Second, once you have selected your winner, send us a copy of the logo.
  4. Do you want to sell T-shirts or sweatshirts?
  5. We will design & print custom graduation fundraising fliers for your school to show to friends and family.
  6. In addition, we suggest that you take advantage of social media fundraising, so post your Class of 2021 shirt on facebook, instagram Be sure to tell people why they should support your school fundraiser.
  7. Collect payment up front for each shirt order because we don’t want you to lay any money out of your own pocket!
  8. Finally, pay for your shirts and we will ship them to you.

Your graduation class gets to keep up to 50% profit depending on how much you sell. By the way, if you meet the minimum order required, then the shipping to your high school is free.

A word of caution about your Class of 2021 shirt fundraiser

Don’t wait until 2021 to start your fundraiser. Now is the best time to take action. The sooner you start… the sooner you can start earning money.

Remember that you can host this fundraiser every year until your class actually graduates. Why is this important?

It is because those that missed out on the t- shirts the first time will most certainly want to order one. Don’t be surprised if the students that originally bought one want a second or third shirt too!

In conclusion, if high school is an exciting period in a teenager’s life, then the thought of graduating is even 10 times more exciting!

Wear this shirt with pride because you deserve it. Graduation day will be here before you know it, so use this time wisely.

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