candle fundraisers for church

Candle Fundraisers For Church

Church candle fundraising ideas in the news

Candles have gone hand in hand with church services for centuries. Here are some charity events in the news that combine candles with churches. Enjoy these candle fundraisers for church.

Perhaps you can use these ideas to combine candle vigils with your next candle fundraiser event. We hope you find something that helps your congregation, parish, mosque or synagogue.

‘Covid Candles’ Fundraiser Assists Charities

Owen Stewart, who makes candles as a hobby, has taken the initiative to support the community during the Covid-19 pandemic by selling ‘Covid Candles.’ All the proceeds going to local charities.

This started for him as a rainy day hobby for he and I to do together. He loves the naming process and gives all of the scents fun names that contrast the actual pleasant scents. [e.g. unbrushed teeth, morning breath, stinky cheese].”

As a result, we suggested to those who showed interest that they make a donation in the amount of their choosing. Owen chose The Family Center as the recipient charity of choice for this batch. Recently, we sold out and will be making a nearly $1,000 donation.”

Faith Matters: A light in the window

It felt like a blow when churches were asked to close their buildings so that we might all distance in an attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“So what if we put lights in our church windows to remind everyone that the church is still vibrant and to give them a message of hope?”

So they encouraged the members of the church and others around town put candles in their windows. Parishioners have also reported that candles appeared in multiple windows.

Furthermore, many people have commented about the hopeful candles bringing light to our church’s darkened windows.


Looking for a way for love to win’ in Aurora shooting aftermath

After the names and photos of the victims were released, Zielke, decided to create special candles “in honor of the bravery of Aurora’s heroes.” All proceeds going to victims’ families through the matching Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley Fund.

Zielke knew she couldn’t even begin to keep up with demand. But before complete panic set in, a wonderful thing happened. Over 40 strangers, friends, relatives, members of Orchard Community Church, came to help. Set up an assembly line at the church. They helped make, package and prepare over 700 orders.

As of Monday afternoon, her Aurora, Illinois candles have raised over $11,000 for the victims’ families.


Church Candle Vigil Ideas

Light a candle in memory of donors who gifted life

People from all walks of life and beliefs are invited to honor organ donors. This special inter-church service which was pre-recorded at Newman University Church, Dublin.

For many donor families this annual service has become an anniversary to remember their loved ones. It is also a chance for transplant recipients to give thanks for the wonderful ‘gift of life’ they have received.

The public is being asked to actively participate in this year’s virtual service. They can light a candle in their home in memory of donors who gave the gift of life to others.

The Annual Angel of Hope Candlelight Vigil


The Angel of Hope statute is the central figure in the Angel of Hope Memorial Park in Perham.

Angel of Hope invites everyone to bring a white flower to lay at the base of the Angel. There will not be the usual fellowship and refreshments time at Crosspoint Alliance. However, the church will be open if anyone needs a warm place to go, or is in need of restrooms. 

The thanksgiving candle — St Peter and St John the Baptist, Cudworth, South Yorkshire

Every year the church gives people the chance to buy a candle in thanksgiving of their mother. It’s a beautifully simple idea that encourages young and old alike to cherish their mother. It also allows them to get involved in a community event that raises much-needed funds.

Parishioners who buy a candle are invited along to a special Mothering Sunday service. The candles are blessed and lit. Every year people from across the local community come along to witness the touching service.


231 candles lit outside North Side church — each representing 1,000 COVID-19 deaths in U.S.

And we did not only want to remember our own family members. But also the family members of our neighbors who have lost a loved one who didn’t have a chance to grieve. Many who didn’t have a chance to have a funeral. So we’re remembering them today in a very public way. We are inviting our neighbors to come and pray for people we have lost and their grieving families.”

Candle lighting: Families remember those lost

The Compassionate Friends of the Santa Clarita Valley invited the community to come together to remember loved ones who have died.

In addition to candle lighting, the 19th annual Candle Lighting Remembrance Program was filled with music performances, poems and a video presentation. All of which were done in memory of those the performers had lost.

This candle represents our courage to comfort our sorrow, to comfort each other, to change our lives,” Renolds said. “Like a chain, we are as weak as our weakest link. This is but half of the truth — we are also as strong as our strongest link.”

The Compassionate Friends of SCV meets the first Thursday of each month at Fellowship Christian Church.


Why sell candles in your community?

In conclusion, we hope these candle fundraisers for church were helpful. Remember, churches and candles go hand in hand.

Many people find them comforting.

And finally, remember what Kathy LaVanier, president of the National Candle Association had to say about the power of a candle.

People are reaching out to friends they worry about, feel for or miss, and they’re looking for a gift that the other person will appreciate.”

Have a candle sale this year at your church. Help a good cause and tell the people you love that you care about them at the same time.