Heritage Candle Fundraiser

Heritage Candle Fundraising Company

If you’re looking for the perfect Candle Fundraising opportunity then you need to seriously think about the Heritage Candles Fundraiser. Heritage Candles has been in business for almost 3 decades years and produce a great product made right here in the USA.

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The candle manufacturer is located in Tucker Georgia. It has been successfully making candles since 1992. Almost 30 years later they still make a product loved by their customers. Their tagline is “Handcrafted in the USA. By design, its just a better candle…”

Heritage provides a wonderful fundraising program for any public, private or Catholic school, sports team, non-profit, church or kids organization. 

Are you curious about what brochures heritage candles offers?

Some of their more popular brochures include:

Since the demise of the Yankee candle fundraising program, schools across the country or flocking to use the Heritage Candles brochures.

So what makes Heritage such a wonderful candle fundraiser idea for schools?

Why choose the Heritage Candles Holiday Collection brochure?

  • Looking for Christmas fundraisers? This makes a perfect holiday fundraiser for schools and churches alike.
  • There are also six popular fragrances perfect for your customers to choose from.
  • Many of the competitors are charging $14-$28 for a candle. That could be steep for a lot of families. This is why you will be happy to know the heritage merchandise retail starting at for at only $12 each.
  • Additionally, some other candle fundraising companies sell a 4 ounce product for $10. On the other hand your Heritage candle is a Full 8 ounces. This means you get double the candle for your money.
  • Your school or nonprofit organization earn four dollars for every item sold. That is a 40% profit no money out of pocket.
  • These can either be sold in person or be sold virtually. Use online fundraising tools like social media, your website and email to advertise. Then set up a meeting using facetime or Whatsapp so you can do this safely.
  • Furthermore, these compliment spring fundraisers like candy sales, fundraising cards and a dinner and movie card because they are in the fall season.
  • These are better than a pretzel rod or lollipop fundraising, and candy bars. Why— because candles are gluten free and fat free 🙂
  • Free shipping when you meet the easy to reach minimum order.
  • Finally, it is 100% free to get started!

Commonly asked questions about the Heritage Candles Fundraiser brochures

Do Heritage Candles contain lead in their wicks?

No, there is no lead in these candle wicks. Instead, they use leadfree wicks made of zinc because it is the industry standard for safe wicks.

How long can i expect my Heritage Candles to keep its scent?

You will be happy to know that our premium quality candles smell great right until the very bottom. The secret? They use high quality fragrances that are blended throughout the wax. This ensures the fragrance you are expecting right until the last drop of wax. 

How long do the candles burn?

The 8 ounce granny jars burn for up to 55 hours. You can feel confident this is a fragrant long burning product.

What if my customers are concerned about the candles smoking?

Here is the trick to a smoke free candle. It’s necessary to keep the wick to a quarter inch or less in size. At the first sign of smoking simply snuff the flame out. With a scissor trim your Wick and relight it.

How much money can we earn selling candles?

It all depends on how many volunteers you have selling for your fundraising event. Since you earn $4 profit on every item sold you can see this could add up quickly. So if you had 30 kids in your class and they all sold an average of 10 candles each your group will $1200. Simply put the more you sell the more you earn. Our customers love the Holiday candles fundraiser.

Where do we get an order form?

Order forms are included in every catalog,

5 simple steps to your fundraisers first candle sale

  1. Contact Joe or Chris for your free consultation. They will send you enough holiday collection  brochures for all of your volunteers. They will guide you step by step to ensure you have everything you need for a successful campaign.
  2. Start Recruiting help as soon as  possible. We can custom design a fundraising letter to send to the parents of the kids new group.
  3. Have the kids show the candle catalog to their friends, family and neighbors. Allow them to choose the six delightful cents available. Collect payment for every product sold.
  4. Send your order form along with payment to Fundraising Zone. Your order will arrive within three weeks time
  5. And finally, deliver your candles to your customers. Keep a record of everyone that bought a candle. Contact them for reviews and testimonies. Now repeat again next year.

These 5 simple steps make this an easy fundraising activity for all ages.

Looking for some more fundraising ideas?

In conclusion, if you are tired of selling frozen cookie dough and want to try something different you owe it to yourself to learn more about this candle program. Feel free to order your free fundraising kit or contact Joe and Chris today to get started with a no strings attached conference call. And finally, they will share many fundraising ideas with you to make your Heritage candles fundraising event a success.