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Track and Field Fundraisers

List of Fundraising Ideas For Track and Field

Looking for easy track & field fundraisers? In this article we show you 4 of our best fundraisers for sports. Track and field is an important part of many high school athletics department

After all, it is a sport that many students participate in after school. The sport also teaches students to work together, build a strong work ethic, and how to deal with adversity.

Many times track teams don’t get the funding they require to pay for the things the school track department needs. Track programs are expensive and often rely on donations from the community. For many coaches, their salary is limited and relies heavily on the donations from the community. Others pay for items straight from their pockets.

As a result many school teams are looking for track and field fundraising ideas.

You can help.

Track and field day

One of the best track and field fundraising ideas is to organize a track and field day where teams from all around come to compete. For a very low cost, this idea can be easily implemented. It would be a great way for teams to come together and have fun, as well as raise money. There are many other track and field fundraising ideas out there, but this one is sure to be successful.

  • Sell tickets to the event.
  • Advertise it heavily on social media sites like facebook and twitter.
  • Open the concession stands and sell drinks and snacks.
  • Print a program and sell advertising/
  • Award prizes to the school team that wins the competition.

Future Olympians summer camp

Just suppose the next Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe or Carl Lewis was in your community waiting to be discovered! Imagine how fun it would be to set up a track summer camp to raise money for your team.

There are many young people that would like to join the school track team one day. Give them a chance to taste and see what its like to be a track star for the day or the week.

Camps are good for kids, but they’re also good for adults! If you’re a coach, parent or member of a club, your team could benefit from a camp. Camps are a great way to raise money for the club, spend time with the team and create new traditions.

Imagine teaching the next generation of what it is like to competitively engage in:

  • Road running
  • Cross country running
  • Racewalking
  • Relay races
  • Hurdling
  • Passing the baton to the next runner.
  • Long jump
  • High jump
  • Pole vaulting
  • Discus throw
  • Javelin throw

How can you monetize this?

  • Charge an entry fee.
  • Include a junior track and field tank top in the price of admission.
  • Offer the option to provide brown paper bag lunch for the little runners.
  • Have a videographer on hand to record the little champions.

Power Walk-a-thon

Hold a walk-a-thon fundraiser to raise funds for the school team. You can make it a race walk a thon or a power-walk-a-thon. Anything your imagination can come up with.

There are a number of ways to fundraise for the school team, but one of the easiest and most popular is to host a walk-a-thon. To start you need to find out when your school’s next game is, then walk around the block or down a street for as long as it takes for your team to play that game.

Contestants can raise money for donations for every mile or lap they walk.

You can use the funds for your next rack and field event. Or you can use them to help others in your community. For instance, the new trend of running for a cause is sweeping the nation. One of the newest and most exciting fundraising causes is “Walk to End Alzheimer’s.” You can hold a walk-a-thon for any local or national charity you support.

Track Team Fundraisers selling popcorn

Track Team Fundraisers Selling Poppin PopcornAthletes need good nutrition to keep their health up and their bodies in shape for the next competition. They understand that food is fuel for their bodies. However, there is nothing wrong with an occasional snack here and there. Popcorn is a favorite snack here in the USA. That means your friends and family and neighbors are probably buying and snacking on popcorn already.

Of course you could make the popcorn yourself but that would be messy, time consuming and minimize the amount of flavors you can offer your donors and customers.

A wonderful option is the Poppin Popcorn Fundraiser for track and field teams. Why do track stars love our popcorn fundraisers for school teams?

  • Free to get started.
  • You get free 4 color popcorn brochures with pictures of all the delicious popcorn flavors we carry.
  • Retails for only $12 which means almost everyone can afford a bag to support a good cause.
  • Your track booster club earns up to 50% profit on every sale generated.
  • Great prize program for every volunteer you have selling popcorn.
  • Simply pay us for what you sell out of the payments you collect.
  • Your popcorn order will be delivered in 14 days for you to distribute to your fans.

We hope these track and field fundraisers will help you raise the funds your athletic department requires.