Heritage Candles Fundraising Brochures- Announcing Two New Options

Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone announces two new Heritage Candles Fundraiser brochures will be added to their candle fundraising line.

Everybody loves the Holiday Collection brochure because it makes an ideal holiday fundraiser. However, candle lovers enjoy the wonderful scents of a burning candle all year round. This is why two new candle catalogs have been added to our fundraising brochure line up. This way schools and kids sports team can raise funds selling candles all year long both in the spring, summer or fall.

Earth Candle CollectionSMThe Earth Collection

In this favorite earth candle fundraiser nonprofits have the opportunity to earn even more money. While the Holiday Candles retail for $12, the earth candle catalog sells candles for $15 and !8 depending on the size and scent the customer orders. With 40% profit on every dollar raised, this means more money goes into the kids programs you believe in. There are 17 popular flavors to choose from including delightful scents like Rain Forest, Balsam Fir along with Lemongrass & Sage.

8 Ounce Spring CollectionSMThe Spring Collection

This spring candle fundraiser program is similar to the Holiday Collection that is popular in the fall. Now schools and kids teams can sell candles twice a year. Parents love the candles retail for only $12 and the fact they still earn 40% on every candle sold. There are ten popular scents to choose from including Orange Vanilla, Sea Mist & Lavender and Warm Home. And finally, all candles come beautifully wrapped ready for gift giving.

Benefits of choosing Heritage

Heritage Candles Program is free and easy to start. Parents and teachers love the following benefits of this program:
  • It is free to get started.
  • Sell candles all year round.
  • Your school or team makes 40% profit across the board.
  • Heritage Candles are hand dipped right here in the USA.
  • Free shipping with only 150 units ordered.

How do Candle Fundraisers work?

There are 5 simple steps to follow.
  1. Call to sign up for the program.
  2. We mail you the catalogs.
  3. Your volunteers show the 4 color brochures to family and friends.
  4. Collect payment up front for each candle purchased.
  5. As soon as you send in your order we will send them out.
You can usually expect delivery within two weeks after payment. Then its up to your volunteers to deliver the merchandise to your supporters and sponsors. Then its up to you to rinse and repeat next year or season.

Heritage Candles Program offers many benefits for your next fundraiser!

Sure you can always sell cookie dough or popcorn at school. However, once the treats are eaten, they are gone forever! On the other hand, each of these scented candles burns up to 75 hours long. This means your supporters will enjoy the smell of their favorite candle aromas for many months to come.

In conclusion, learn how easy and fun this can be. Contact Joe or Chris to discuss your needs and to select the perfect Heritage candle catalog. We will send you the free brochures you need along with the free training to ensure your success.