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PTA Fundraising Ideas In Florida – Adults Night Out

Adults Night Out… A great Florida PTA fundraiser for your school!

The Sanibel Island PTA worked very hard on these successful PTA fundraising ideas in Florida.

The theme was an “Epic Adults Night Out”.

Imagine the scene, entering a piano keyboard walkway into the doors of the beautiful great hall of the community house on Sanibel.

Can you see the tables before you? Each decorated with roses and hydrangeas. A cocktail hour with free beverages for all, and the most delicious hors d’oeuvres you could ask for.

Entertainment was provided by Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos, because you can’t beat dinner and live entertainment. As you can see, a good time was had by all.

However, it gets even better.

Keeping with the Sanibel Island beach theme, there were buckets of sand that you could pick and purchase. So, why would you want to buy a bucket of sand? Because inside the sand was a mystery prize. The prizes ranged from jewelry all the way to Disney tickets.

What can you learn from this PTA fundraising idea from Florida?

So, what was the key to their amazing fundraiser?

The secret to their success was reaching out to local businesses in the Sanibel Island community. This press release thanked 31 different local and national businesses for participating in this special event.

Gift baskets and prizes were donated by local businesses that could be auctioned off during the program.

Are you looking for ideas for possible options for your next PTA fundraiser?

Here are just a few of the local businesses that donated prizes and services.

  • A children’s dentist office.
  • Car washes.
  • Segway tours.
  • A cheese shop.
  • Flip-flops.
  • Cake maker.
  • A waterpark.
  • Restaurant.
  • Jewelry shop.
  • Organic nail spa.
  • Hot sauce.
  • Bracelets.
  • Furniture store.
  • Handmade jewelry.
  • An island resort.
  • Furthermore, an animal shelter even contributed something to the auction. Bonus TIP: Look for ways to assist local non profits in your neighborhood. Perhaps they will also be there for your school fundraiser later when you need them.
  • Additionally, they got donations from the national brand “Otterbox”.
  • Finally, several local artists made contributions.

How can you use these Florida school PTA fundraiser ideas?

Were you surprised at some of the places that donated free services and products to this fundraiser?

The lesson for your PTA– don’t be afraid to reach out to all the local businesses in your area. You may be surprised who would be happy to help to support your school. 31 companies were willing to participate.

So, what is the lesson lesson to be learned? Some fundraisers are happy to get two or three prizes. However, that was not the case with this Sanibel PTA group. They went for the gusto! And they were rewarded with 31 different amazing prizes to auction off.

The lesson for your PTA? Imitate the tenacity of these parents. Don’t settle for a few prizes. Go for the gusto! Why is this important?

Remember, the more prizes you have to auction off, the more money you will raise for your school. Furthermore, you might be surprised at what kind of prize might appeal to your donors. Just because you personally might not want a pair of fancy flip-flops doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t been dreaming about them!

In conclusion, we hope you found these PTA school fundraising ideas from Florida helpful.

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