School Trip Fundraising Ideas

School trip fundraising ideas

School Trip Fundraising Ideas – Raise Funds Easily and Quickly

Spring is in the air and you are looking for a way to raise money for a class trip school fundraiser.  After all, it costs money to set up a a bus for transportation costs, lunch and entry fees, doesn’t it?  We have school trip fundraising ideas that work risk free.

Well, if you are looking for some easy class trip fundraising ideas you have come to the right place. Wondering how to raise money for a school trip to Europe? We got you covered!

For over 50 years we have been helping schools raise money for travel expenses. So, that means whether your students are in elementary school, middle school or high school,  these ideas will work. Finally, whether you are a parent, teacher or coach you will love these ideas too.

5 Easy Fundraisers for Class Trips

Are you ready to learn some easy ways to raise money for your next outing? Here are 5 of our best class trip fundraiser ideas. These are proven winners because school students like yours have used these for years.

Babysit to raise money for your school trip

Baby sitting is a great way to raise money to pay for transportation costs. In addition, it provides an opportunity for your students and family members to get involved and help out.

In fact, youths that babysit not only raise funds for traveling, but they also learn responsibility. There are plenty of parents that have to work and need someone to sit with their children after school until they get home. You might even be able to think of a few right now.

Walk dogs to pay for travel expenses

Lots of people love their dogs but don’t have time to walk them. Perhaps you might be one of them!

Furthermore, many have to work until dinner time every night leaving poor Fido at home alone. This creates a mess to deal with when they finally get home. UGH!

Your students can create a list of pet owners in their neighborhood. A few of these will say yes to your offer. This also teaches children responsibility. Best of all, it offers a way to raise money for your trip now, PLUS a part time job for your kids afterward!

Rake leaves & pull weeds

How much EXTRA time do you have to do yard work each week? What if a young person next door offered to do it cheaply for you? Honestly, what would you say? See, how easy it can be?

The best part is this can work as a spring event, or a fall fund raiser, depending on the time of year that your travel plans are scheduled for.

Make a deal with a local restaurant.

Did you know that restaurants have SLOW days during the week? Were you aware they would LOVE for you to bring customers in to them? Did you know they would GLADLY pay you a commission for every meal that they buy?

It’s true.

In fact, these students made a deal with a local restaurant and earned 20% with this restaurant fund raiser.

Brochure fundraising – Our Favorite Idea

Just suppose your students could show their neighbors, friends and families a beautifully designed brochure with tantalizing pictures of mouth-watering treats that people love to eat?

That is exactly how our brochure program work. Imagine, having a catalog that shows delicious pictures of gourmet popcorn drizzled with chocolate. Or, maybe some chocolate chip cookiedough or gift wrap, perhaps?

You might be thinking… “Isn’t that expensive for my friends and family to buy?” Most people love the idea that many of these products cost less than $10. That means for 10 bucks they can get a treat to eat while helping to raise money for your school program.

Here is the best part…

Unlike school fundraisers that pay you 20% profit, our best field trip fundraising idea earns you up to 52% profit. That means, your kids earns more money for their field trip.

Best of all, their are no up front costs. So this means that this is a risk-free fund raiser for your school, doesn’t it?

Our Fund Raising Ideas Are Perfect For All Kinds Of Day Trips

Here are a few ideas for future class trips for your school.

  • Recycling Center
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station
  • Farm
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Museum
  • Radio Station
  • Movie Theater
  • Veterinarian
  • Planetarium
  • Aquarium
  • Factory
  • Finally, their is the classic visit to the nearest zoo.

Class Trip Planning Reminders

Here is what most people do next…

Most people love the idea of a free fund raising consultation. We promise it is free and we will give you our best school trip fundraising ideas you can use.

Why not call 1-800-645-6550 right now to see how you can get free support, free brochures, free parent letters & free shipping for your products?

We look forward to your call to explain how a cookie dough or popcorn fund raiser can help you pay for your school trip.

We promise to share our best tips to help your students and parents raise money to pay for their upcoming adventure!

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